Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Day 343 : Snowflake Mandala


Day 343 : Snowflake Mandala - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 343 : Snowflake Mandala

I must still be very cold, as I keep thinking of cold subjects! Today's button started with one of the snowflake pattern from my little booklet, and then I just kept going with the doodle. Needed to chill a little, it has been a very odd day. 

Lots to do, and not enough time to do it - and spent such a long time standing in a queue at the post office with a box of 20 books... Begone virus! Post office queues are not fun!

I hope your Tuesday had been better!


  1. I think it is a pity that they don't have some sort of slow moving conveyor belt that you could plop your packages onto, note your number and go have a cup of tea while they dawdle along to the front of the que. Or even just a tea trolley going up and down the line - at least everyone would be hydrated and fed (biscuits of course). Even at a pound a cup one could do quite well.
    I've been remembering one house where both dogs and cats used to ooze out the door to the left and under the house - they could stay almost completely dry because the porch roof extended just the right amount. That was the house where the cats climbed a ladder and crossed a roof to come into the open window - in the spring they would bring in the fledglings they caught and eat them under my bed! :(
    I do think this snowflake extravaganza is fun. Or is it a section of Moorish tile floor? Anyway, a happy doodle.
    I will have to go to the post office myself some time soonish and am dreading it - we also have a smallish office and the plague rules make it a difficult place to be. Well, you got through your posting and I'll get through mine!
    Do try to stay warm and dry. I know you are well masked up, as are we. Hugs to all. Charlotte xxx
    ps: So glad old dog had a last snow frolic! I think he passed on smiling a big doggy smile.

    1. I can't really complain, or little post office does so well considering it is at the edge of an industrial estate! They sometimes can't move for bags of parcels. We do have an account where we can simply drop them off - but of course during a pandemic you do have to wait your turn to actually get in to drop them. Used to be you could just nip in and leave them...

      It warmed up a little today, thankfully! I'm sure it won't last.

      Ah, your bedroom obviously had the best restaurant atmosphere! Goodness, not nice. Speaking of cats, our back 'neighbour' thinks he saw our lady last week. ("but it was dark, maybe it was a fox?") so...

      Funny, I've been thinking about tiles for buttons, must have had the same little spark.
      Stay well and warm (or cool as you need to ;) ) xxxx