Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Day 266 : Mr Blue Sky


Day 266 : Mr Blue Sky - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 266 : Mr Blue Sky

Today's button, a little zwirnknopfe. The song came to my head as I worked the blue section, so if I am going to have an earworm, so shall you! :)

So, what a day! As I write I'm waiting to see what the PM says. Of course we know what the new restrictions will now be, but, I'll still watch. I guess all of the young people who are spreading this disease without actually becoming ill still won't listen. I'm sorry, but if more of them suffered real consequences we wouldn't be in this position now. 

Anyway, stay cheerful everyone. We need to get some blitz spirit! Or cake!

14mm / 9⁄16" / 22L


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! So glad that blue thread jumped into your hand and that those french knots happened. Kind of a Hopi/Navajo effect. Hooray for almost-cat! She is getting so brave. Don has just told me that the UK was locking down again - and you are perfectly right - those idiotic young ones can not seem to connect their behavior with any consequences. I don't think they were ever taught that a lit match burns. So sorry - you all mask up, wash up and stay safe! And get your regular flu vaccination as soon as you can - we just did - not that it stops anything but it does slow stuff down. C in C xxx

    1. Yes, you are so right about the jab. Our medical centre will be limiting initially - and don't start until October. I don't yet qualify for one, will need to search out a chemist this year I think. Almost-cat is certainly getting braver, horrid rain today, Mark is busy planning a decent shelter for her. Keep well, wear your masks! xxx

    2. How old or crocked up do you have to be before you "qualify" for a flu jab? I suppose they charge an arm and a leg at the chemists. Hooray for Mark - tell him not to make it too fancy or T. will get his nose out of joint;) - my first little thingamy!! XXX

    3. I think its over 60 or in an at risk category. Might be 65 though.
      Cat house stage 1 complete, tomorrow to weather-proof and felt the little roof. xxx