Monday, September 28, 2020

Day 272 : Mandala VI


Day 272 : Mandala VI - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 272 : Mandala VI

Goodness me what an afternoon!

Turns out almost-cat is at least five - yes she has kittens. Hidden away in a super thick bush at the bottom of the garden - Toby noticed something the other day and to be fair, we just assumed it was her. But he wouldn't let it go when we walked by today (which we do every day at least 4 times...) so we wondered if there was a rat hole - he is a JRT after all. 

And two little ginger faces are staring back at me. And then below a tiger tabby. And I think another ginger. Which means that daddy certainly is the ginger tom we saw a few months back. We wondered then...

I reckon they are about 4 or 5 weeks old. Fast, and not bad at climbing. This tree/bush is so thick you can't just go in, so we are going to have to try to figure out some way of trapping them. But worse of it - who do we see this evening? Daddy. And if they are about 5 weeks, there's every chance he's come round to get her pregnant again. This whole situation does not bear thinking about. Not with that road - a colony of feral cats? She badly needs trapping and neutering. 

Seems advice is to not trap them until they about 8 weeks, unless in immediate danger. hmm. Far enough from the road, but she still crosses it. Unless she's recently brought them here? Three houses and 3 dogs this side. Don't know what Toby would do if a kitten ran away from him, but he didn't bark at her this morning when she walked past the fence. 

And of course we absolutely have to be at work tomorrow, and have a Hochanda show on Thursday, so it's not even as if we can try to keep an eye out. 

And nothing about the button - I suspect tomorrow's might be a mandala too - I need to try to relax!

Size: 30mm / 1 3⁄16" / 48L