Monday, October 5, 2020

Day 279 - Rosie

Day 279 - Rosie - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 279 : Rosie

Today's button is named for a friend - which I don't do too often, but the whole time I was working on this I thought this would be just the sort of button that she might create, and the colours are perfect.

That little bit that looks like an apostrophe is a little fold - the padding on this button is on that side, not the whole button. The fold is much clearer in darker light, it creates a nice shadow and texture. The stitching is a combination of cross stitches and the long stitches which I have then woven.

Still busy busy packing orders. Hermes didn't show today for one of the collections, so another long day tomorrow waiting. 

Size : 26mm / just over 1" / 42L



  1. Chic! Another Chanel suit , one with those fabulous fringey edges. Maybe a pink silk blouse ,huge faux pearls, black bag and pumps. Lovely. Thank you.
    Hope almost-cat got everyone safely into the woods - you and Mark gave her a good rest and a proper feed up. Hopefully ginger tom will take his self away and spray some place else.
    Sorry about the carrier - it is always irritating when people don't show up. Hope they come tomorrow. Anyway, happy packing!
    Stay well. Charlotte xxx

  2. I wonder if almost cat left secret coded messages for other cats like hobos did - three scratches for "good food", one for "shelter"? C in C

    1. I agree, it would look nice on a Chanel suit. There was a documentary many years ago that included the woman who wove the trims on those suits. Fascinating. She would basically unweave the fabric to the weave it back into a narrow ware.
      Very worried about her and the kittens. If the unthinkable happens road-wise, we won't know where to find the kittens. Am still considering buying a proper trap - perhaps when they are weaned and wondering it will be worth trying to catch any singly who stops by, in order to get them to the vet and stop a colony.
      In our old cottage about 25 years ago we had a mark on our gate after Mark fed and watered a man. Not many of that type about these days, walking up and down the countryside, but there were still back then.
      Stay well and safe xxx