Monday, June 1, 2020

Day 153 : Seren

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 153 : Seren

Day 153 : Seren

Today's button is very straightforward - I did spend a lot of time prepping yesterday, and must admit I was surprised I was able to come up with an idea. Tonight might be a little harder; it has been a long day.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the shows. It was lovely, if a little odd to be back at the studio. I am a little deaf in one ear and it is quite hard to hear someone speaking to you in a live studio quietly, when they are 2m away! I had a green room to myself, and there is a one way system set up in the building. What an odd world we currently live in.

Starting with a No 63 mould , I've wrapped using a basic death's head wrap, changing the colours as I felt like it. The centre can't be fully covered working in this way, so instead I decided to use a needle work technique to fill the area.

I've used perle cotton No 12. 

Size : 25mm / 1" / 40L