Saturday, January 4, 2020

Day 4 : Emblem

One Button a Day 202 by Gina Barrett - Day 4 : Emblem

Day 4 : Emblem

This button is inspired by an antique button that was made of metal and I think, pressed horn. The original button mimics one made of fabric or thread, and I like to collect images of these. In fact, I have started getting a few for my collection too... (shhh!). I figure that many, originally, would have been inspired by thread buttons. They are often changed in a way that cannot be made using thread or fabric, but they do serve as an excellent source of inspiration. 

Of course, mine ended up looking very little like the original, as it served as inspiration, not a copy. One day I'll have to try an actual copy.

Materials used - 39mm Acrylic ring, cotton perle thread from my stash. Label is missing, I think it is DMC, size 12. I chose to work this in a single colour to emphasize the difference in textures, but it could work equally well changing colours for each section I think,

Finished size: 40mm / 1 916" / 60L