Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Day 246 : Pathways


Day 246 : Pathways - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 246 : Pathways

Nearly didn't have a button to post! I mislaid it... took ages to find for the photograph! Yup, it's been one of those days. 
A little bit traditional today, although with the addition of a bit of a doodle of course. :)

As I said, one of those days. Got a lot done, but not everything I wanted and deadlines seem to be looming. This changeable weather gets me down, my sinuses go a little haywire with the up and down temperatures. And, despite saying it a few times, this year is not the year you want sinus issues. 

I think the winter flu season is going to be interesting. Every cold and general winter ailment will be looked on by employers and even family and friends, as something more sinister.

Keep safe and well everyone!

Size : 25mm / 1" / 40L

I hope everyone is keeping well


  1. Silly girl! You didn't mislay it - IT knew you were having a frazzled day and crawled under something! Glad you hunted it out to show us. The wind is up around here today and there all kinds of irritants flying around - thank goodness for antihistamines. I agree, flu and cold season is going to be terrible this winter. My heart goes out to all the already overworked healthcare people. It behooves us to be extra careful with masks and washing and distance. Oop! Time to put my shoes on for walkies! Regards to Mark and Toby and you - stay well. C in C xx

    1. I hope you enjoyed your walk! Do you have dog/s? I only ask because you used walkies.

      Yes, I think it is getting easy for people to forget, not that the majority are back at work. They seem to think everything is as it was.

      Stay well! xx

    2. No dogs -just us but it does feel rather "walkies" some days - depends on who is more interested in moving. I am a cat person - this is the first time in almost 50 years that we aren't owned by one. My old Spooky Grey Ghost Cat went last year but I still see her out of the corner of my eye when I open a can of tuna and Don still sees her when he reaches for the whipped cream - very indulged cat she was. Oh wait - she was a cat - of course she was indulged! It is interesting to be walking in the evening ( too hot and bright earlier) because we have seen more neighbors and their dogs than we knew existed. Little fluffy wind up toys twinkling along on tiny toothpick legs and a beautiful huge rusty red thing that I think is a standard poodle crossed with a great dane. And there is the Husky whose person stands on a skateboard and gets towed along at a very good clip. Does Toby think he is as big as those big dogs? Of course he does - silly question. Stay well. xx

    3. Oh yes, Toby is quite sure he is a monster-dog. He'll take on all comers. The poor lab next door is terribly scared of him. It is the first time we've been cat-less too, Figgy having gone last year. It is very odd not having cats around. We are currently being visited by two strays - or possibly farm cats with a huge range as they don't belong to anyone close. Never at the same time, and the one does drive Toby crazy, sauntering past the french windows and looking at him laughing I'm sure! He likes cats far better than other dogs having been properly put in his place by two when he was a pup! Keep well xx