Monday, December 7, 2020

Day 342 : Frosty Morning


Day 342 : Frosty Morning - One Button a Day 2020

Day 342 : Frosty Morning

Today's button is inspired by this morning's drive into work. There was a fine frost one everything, and it was foggy, I just thought it was so pretty. I am lucky we get to travel through countryside of course, it wouldn't have had the same effect through the town (which usually just ends up a horrid muddy brown). The colours here are a little more 'colourful' in real life, the edge is a pale green and pale blue. 

I'm quite pleased with this one.

So, here's to another week! 


  1. Beautiful! You have truly captured the scene in thread - outstanding! I did love the slightly foggy days after the snow when it was so still and quiet. And once in a rare while we would have had wind and freeze and every single leaf, twig, blade of grass and pine needle had a half inch wide ribbon of ice along one edge - and then the sun would come out.... miraculous. I think I would have to put this button in a little shadow box to sit beside my chair where I could see it everyday. Thank you very much.
    Enjoy the rest of the flat pack assembly and enjoy the putting away (good time to winnow). It hasn't happened in along while but it is nice when I manage to get stuff tidied away. Good luck.
    We wound up with ice cream with chocolate bits and caramel - yum! Hasn't store bought ice cream come a long way since we were kids? I don't remember being able to buy any fancy combinations. I think Neopolitan was as wild as it got.
    Don is reassembling his computer, finally, and he ran across his 2003 London Trip journal. He printed it out for a surprise for me - what fun! We were there from April 15 through May 10th - walked ourselves to bits every day and had the best time. No wonder we keep going back! Luckily we saw a lot of place before the current crop of exhibit graduates got to them so we really did learn a lot as we went. I don't think we have hit the lowest low for dumbing down museums but I sure hope to live long enough to see the pattern reversed. And my biggest nitpick - knee level labels that are too low even for people in wheelchairs to read if the light level was high enough to allow one to try to read! There was a film costume exhibit here a few years ago that had to have special lights on the corners of all the display platforms because people kept falling over them - nothing like a 3/4" plywood ding in your shin to make a memorable outing.
    Glad you got safely to and from the unit today. I'm sure Toby disapproves of that nasty white stuff. I remember a cat that used to try and shake all four feet at once when he had to go outside - hilarious! Stay warm and dry and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. I am glad that you like this one, yes, I think it is one of my favourites. Its nice when it turns out.
      Ice cream sounds fab! Although I have to admit to liking a good Neopolitan, but yes, the fancy ones for for scoops on holiday. How nice finding old memories like that - and good for printing it out! That's something I do miss with computers. I do forget to print things out - which means eventually you forget you had them. With an album, you might forget - until you pick up the album - which you will. But an old back up on CD (or worse - floppy!! ) forget it. Gone forever. :(
      Toby doesn't mind the snow - but when it then ices over and he sinks when he walks - he hates that. And he hates wet snow. We had a dog who would actually wake you in the middle of the night if it started snowing so that he could play in it. When he had cancer it snowed only a few days before he died, and my goodness he had such fun. It was quite a late snow too - wouldn't normally have happened. It was lovely.
      Stay well and masked - and keep warm! xxxx

  2. Wow !!!!
    Magnifique !j'adore �� ��