Thursday, November 19, 2020

Day 324 : Crossed


Day 324 : Crossed - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 324 : Crossed

Yes, a doodle button today! What a surprise. I quite like this, I reckon it would look great in black and greys but of course that would be a real pain to photograph. That's why I avoid it on the whole for the challenge. 

Speaking of which - day 324. It is just speeding by isn't it. Hopefully I will get the actual sit down time to do some of the really fancy ones I had planned...

Right, back to work, a bit of paperwork to get caught up on, so that people know their goods have gone out!


  1. I like this button - it makes me think "Jetsons" and Moderne - I was tootling through some London Underground posters and this would fit right in with some of them. I am always amazed by the changes that one or two added threads make.
    Those crookedy threads yesterday will be quite unnoticed in a few years so I'll not fuss about them ( and the pin that could shift a really tight fit hasn't been made).
    We do need a few more food things -I am so grateful to live where I have choices and the where with all to buy those choices. Apples, for one thing, and something pizzaish, and I know I'll find something else.
    We've reached the "no gifts" stage because it has all gotten too much and anything we or the kids might want or need we just buy. Not to mention we had a cat who could swarm up one side of a Christmas tree and down the other in 30 seconds flat, knocking off every ornament along the way! She really was good! We even gave up on garland over the fireplace because she figured out how to mess with that. We gave all the ornaments to the son and his family and we have a tiny little (12") tree my Mum and I decorated for a great aunt and uncle years ago. It comes out of its box and it really is Christmas. Don found some tiny fairy lights and I arranged them - it looks terrific, and we have as much fun looking for a teensy object for a souvenir ornament as we ever did looking for a full size ornament.
    Stay warm and well. Hugs all around. Charlotte xxx

    1. Oo I used to love the Jetsons! Yeah, I'm quite pleased with this one. Oh Mark loves Christmas, he gets everything set up, usually does all the decorations. I take them all down - and pack everything carefully into boxes and properly wind up the lights and all of the breakables. Works out quite well actually! When we had cats the tree was always tied to the wall - hooks and then a nice rope around it - if one climbed up they at least weren't going knock the whole thing flying. As they got older they lost interest thankfully. You will need to make some teeny button ornaments.
      Stay warm and safe, hope you get some apples! xxx