Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Day 358 : Christmas Star


Day 358 : Christmas Star - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 358 : Christmas Star

Yes, I am much happier with this one. Quite different than the first - and second - version!
The second I worked last night. It is actually quite pretty, but quite ordinary really and looked rather like any Victorian button, so it is sitting on my table.

This one though - much better. I could have worked it the other way around, so the trees pointed outwards which would have made it more similar to the previous version, but it is much tidier this way.

So, a busy day trying to get my home decent. I know that no one is visiting, but it still looks nice enough - except for the table in my workroom. I didn't quite finish that room. My job for the morning. 


  1. Great improvement! The trees look like a dance troupe seen from above, all their starry headresses touching as they whirl around in circles - think 60's television! Oh, I've given myself such a mind worm!!!!
    So nice to have a tidy house - it makes it much pleasanter to sit and sip eggnog when there isn't a pile of stuff lurking behind the sofa. And you have had only the fun of your own space to play with today. I wish I could work my brain around to always regard cleaning and tidying as play - something to practise in the coming months?
    Oooh, ick! Flooded roads are not fun! One year we watched the neighbors' trash bins sailing east and had the north-south freeway underpass closed - not at all a common event around here! I hope you don't get a hard freeze - that would really play merry hob with life.
    You will be reading this on Christmas Eve after a hard day of tidying up - hope you stayed warm and dry and well! Do not stub any toes!!! Doing so does not add anything good to the day (we both have found that out). Lift a glass to the future, and enjoy the evening. Charlotte xxx

    1. Thank you so much! Mulled wine in my glass, and a much more pleasant work room - ready for all things creative this week ;)
      Yeah, the little lane next to us was flooded out at the bottom - the road itself is clear, but the field is like a massive pond. Of course, bright and sunny and cold today!
      I do hope that you are both having a lovely Christmas eve - and that tomorrow you have a lovely day. Enjoy your eggnog and those stocking fillers!