Sunday, December 6, 2020

Day 341 : Season's Greetings


Day 341 : Season's Greetings - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 341 : Season's Greetings

Happy St Nicholas Day! I have so many friends - particularly buttonmakers - who celebrate the Christmas season beginning today, that I felt it only right to make a button for them. It is only a simple zwirnknopfe really, but in the right colours looks very festive I think. Zwirnknopfes always have the ability to make me smile, but then again, I always did like spirograph and 1970s string art!

I hope that your weekend has been good. We are currently putting together some flat pack furniture for an upstairs room... wish us luck haha!


  1. And a Happy St. Nicholas Day to you also. Did you find a bit of chocolate for a good girl? I'm going to have to buy some this afternoon when we do a produce walk to the market (Don is out of bananas and I have no prunes!) And we will go carefully, I promise.
    Dear girl, I hate to be the one to tell you but organizing ain't a one shot deal:(.
    Those "get your act together" people are, unfortunately, right. It seems to be like gardening - a bit of puttering and deadheading every day and flurries of activity at regular intervals. Which is why I am not yet very good at it - but I am puttering away and I have faith - and you found the information you needed so it ain't all bad. There is a woman (can't think of her name right now) who's company is Clutter Clarity. She has some very encouraging and useful words for those of us who won't even be led to the water let alone drink. I know I can set better habits and I am nibbling around the edges.
    Saw the snowy lane photo - very lovely and my toes curled up and demanded more socks!
    I grew up with snow but I don't remember any this early and only a few white Christmas
    days. We did, however, often have (or so I remember) snow or rain at Easter. Don is from Chicago and snow drove him west to California - lucky me!
    Happy furniture wrestling! Do you think it might become a competition event? The one with the fewest leftover bits wins!
    Do stay warm and dry and well. Hugs to all. Charlotte xxx

    1. Haha! If it were a competition, you'd also have to win a prize for keeping your temper! There's still a couple of bits to do, (another arrived today) so we are getting there. Yes - I am a medium organiser. I tend to keep locations in my head, so what is chaos to someone else I am usually pretty good at finding what I need. However, when we do a whole scale re-arrange, or move, I am lost. Because then I can only seem to remember where it was three years - or a house ago... As I get older, I figure I will start to forget where things are, so perhaps they should be put away more logically so someone else can find them! I will look up that woman!
      I hope shop went well and the chocolate was good!
      The snow is early this year, at least compared to recent years. I wonder if the lack of traffic all summer has had an effect - I did think spring and summer were quite lovely really and more in time to what I expected as a kid, so perhaps winter will be too? Either way, it is cold and yes - wool socks on!
      Stay well and safe both xxx