Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Day 364 : Regal


Day 364 : Regal - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 364 : Regal

Today's button is a bit of gold embroidery on velvet. A small piece of silk velvet that I dyed with madder many, many years ago. It is such a perfect colour for gold threads. It is another one of those small pieces that you hold on to - like a paper crafter and their Graphic 45 - but really, it should be used. I am going to try to use more of these bits next year in my projects. 

Only two more days! Gosh. 


  1. You know, I think this rosy red is a colour that can't really be duplicated exactly with anything but madder - so exquisite, so rich and delicate. Lovely way to use a treasure.
    Thank you. I do wish this laptop wouldn't get upset with my spelling! The old one was English and knew how to spell colour!
    The ganache made me want more chocolate even though I wasn't hungry - naughty girl ;).
    What was your brown thread? Perfect dark chocolate!
    Ah, the coffee is finished - time to prepare food - stay warm and well. Hugs to all. Hope the return to the unit went well. Charlotte xxx

  2. Our storm of the 28th left us with very clear skies and snow down to 4000 foot elevation, which made our walk quite wonderful - there are a few gaps in the area where one can see part of the mountains that ring Los Angeles - so much fun to look at from a distance, so miserable to drive through! Do stay warm and dry! C in C xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I agree, there is something about madder that just can't be found elsewhere. We didn't get to the unit, as there was snow. Melted fairly quickly, but got stuck into book-keeping instead. A blessing in disguise, as went as planned to a friend's factory for socially distanced making meeting (best time as they are closed, so no staff to get too close) and the clutch failed on the A1 on the way. We've come back with one of his vans - a truck really - big enough to move house with probably. Had it happened on the way to our unit, it would have been hours waiting for a recovery vehicle while trying to find someone to take Toby back. The recovery companies won't take your pet. And with so few taxi companies even doing business due to covid, it could have been a nightmare.
      So, work in a big truck tomorrow, and our neighbours will think we are moving out, lol!
      Keep safe and well xxx
      Oh the brown thread was a Finca perle - much thicker than I would have used normally, but the colour really does look like chocolate.