Saturday, December 5, 2020

Day 340 : Crosscut


Day 340 : Crosscut - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 340 : Crosscut

Off centre wrapping and a little bit of weaving to make the design on today's button. Yet again, a button that started how very differently in my head, but as I tried one thing, I thought something else might work and went with the flow. Perhaps I need to try the original idea again... 

Still snow around us, but the roads seemed clear enough during the day. Super silent at the moment out there, so I assume it is quite icy. There's always less traffic if it is icy.

I hope that you are all staying warm and well and having a lovely weekend.


  1. I blinked when I opened today's post - thought my eyes had finally packed it in! What fun weaseling in and out and around you must have had! It looks as if you started out quite sedately with a lovely green button with creme accents and then you just careened off. Fun!
    Southern California will be in lockdown by the time you read this - we have dipped below 15 per cent available intensive care beds so we slam the barn door, close most stuff and wait, just as you are doing. Lots of people seemed to have celebrated Thanksgiving without due precaution so we all pay the price. Oh well, Don and I aren't much for bar hopping and I've never seen the inside of a nail salon, and the things we really need are still available so we'll do fine.
    I've been winnowing the stacks of instructions, patterns, recipes, helpful hints, and all that other stuff that it seemed important to save - two big trash bags into recycle - and putting like with like. It is astonishing how many things have caught my fancy over the years! It is a trifle painful to admit I'll never do some things and never go back to other things but I feel as if I'm making a bit of progress. And I am still working through assembling the stitched but not ready to use or show embroidery bits. Am going to have to get some mounting boards soon - time to prep for framing!
    Stay off the ice, and warm and dry and well - hugs to all. Charlotte xxx

    1. I'm sorry you've had to go into lockdown - but, as you say, not really surprising after Thanksgiving. Goodness knows what Christmas will bring.
      Well done you with the sorting! I so need to do this myself. Once and for all organise - and stop being tempted by other interesting things. I did make a start at the beginning of the year, and made quite good progress - I had someone get in touch today asking a question about something I wrote in 2005, and I actually went straight to the folder with my notes. That my friend, is a miracle!
      Keep inside and safe, mask up if you need to go out, and stay warm and well xxx