Monday, November 30, 2020

Day 335 : Knot Toggle


Day 335 : Knot Toggle - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 335 : Knot Toggle

I'm not even trying to find a fancy name - it is a toggle knot. I've done nothing extra to the basic knot, so it is what it is. Something to focus the mind in working. I see knots and weaving as very related in the whole "mindful" thing. I think it was mindful before it became trendy, and the overs and unders that you count out in your brain can really help to push every other thing out. If I am tired when I am weaving I can drift off actually. 

And why knots? Well, I've just uploaded a new video over on the YouTube channel - making a knot with our new tools. Not this knot though. Sorry about that. (But I have used the tool..)


  1. Just got in from my annual mammogram event - process sure has changed over the years! And my technician has been at it for 45 years - she can attest to the difference in procedures. I'm glad we have a goodish detection system.
    Don went along for the ride and had a nice walk around the medical office - nice old neighborhood (1915 - 1930 - old for us!) with trees and houses with some character and charm.
    Today's button is quite snazzy - Busby Berkeley and fifty girls in black and white gowns twirling down flights of stairs! Too nifty for words. Thank you.
    Have you seen adverts for weighted blankets? They seem to be one of the in things right now. What fun to be ahead of the game with your afghan from Mom. And no, the rearranging only put everything back to the start line - I could feel the whole thing inching along over the side of the bed as I was sitting there reading! I am going to make an effort to enjoy this winter because I know I'll be dying from the heat all too soon. At least when it is cold you can maybe do something to warm up!
    Will go look at the new instruction film - that tool looks really useful. Clever inventor!!
    Stay warm and dry and well. Hugs all around. Charlotte xxx

  2. I do believe I might get a Turk's Head knot made now that you've shown me with the tool. I am fairly certain I will never come close to the speed or minuteness of the girls who make them for clothing but it will be jolly fun to play with. Glad you caught some rattail so we know how to deal with it - serendipity! Well done, Team Silkworks!!
    It is almost the 1st of December here and the house is getting colder and colder as it loses heat - no cloud cover to hold in the warmth. I know of people who turn off the heat at night but I'm not one - I don't have enough blankets! I've noticed that as it gets colder at night I sleep more and more curled up to conserve warmth - such a shock to put a foot or arm on a cold area of bedding. Hope you are staying warm and dry and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. Oh thank you, I'm glad that you like the button! Have you ever tried an under sheet electric blanket? We have one - different controls for each side of the bed. I have to admit that in the night I often forget that I have it and am cold anyway, but it is lovely to switch on in the middle of a really cold night. Then it doesn't matter how much heat the house loses (and ours can lose a fair bit).
      Yes, I am quite envious of the women who tie the little knots for buttons in Morocco. So fast! The confidence of practice. I do hope there are still people learning skills like that now days.
      Glad your appointment went to plan - I know that many non essential appointments have and are being cancelled over here - it all depends on how stressed the hospital is.
      Stay warm and wrapped up, and keep well, both of you! xxx