Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Day 336 : Snug


Day 336 : Snug - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 336 : Snug

A cosy little button today! Another plushwork button, with the addition of beads. There are also beads around the edge that you can't see. I'm enjoying playing with plushwork - we are working on a little something for December - and have a few ideas that I hope will become quite couture looking.

I've received a fantastic snuggly hug in the post today - a patchwork quilt made by my Mom. It is perfect and will definitely keep away the chill. I'll pop a picture on Facebook later :)


  1. How brilliant of your Mom to have gotten the quilt in the mail in good time! I get so sidetracked and days and months just slither out from under me - I may not have anyone left to visit with post-plague because they all got their noses out of joint. But the phone works both ways, doesn't it? Looking forward to the quilt portrait.
    Hmm - the sheriffs' department helicopter is flying sweep patterns a block or two west -I do hope it isn't something truly terrible - every so often they are looking for a lost child but this sounds like routine "find the car" stuff.
    I just figured out what today's button reminds me of - a Dr. Seuss hat for one of his fantastical birdish beings. Don't groan and roll your eyes - I saw you! - he really was a very creative and gifted man. And only the two of you could put a cheeky, cheery pink fluffy nest of candy coloured beads together and pull it off. Plush - plush - plush - plush! That's me banging my tin cup on the bars trying to hurry the plush buttons along - oh, sorry, didn't mean to make such a racket. Nothing like a lack of sleep to make a lot of silliness, and besides, silly makes life much better sometimes, don't you think?
    I had forgotten about the "heating pad" for under the sheets. Probably because my Dad's parents had them and they would turn them on an hour before bedtime and you got into a warmish damp bed because they lived near the ocean and it was very damp all the time. It is not so damp here so I will give it a try. They may come with some sort of sensor thermostat so you don't even have to wake up to make it warm - how's that for decadent?
    I think I'll make biscuits to go with tonight's soup -it is a biscuity sort of evening. Do stay masked and dry (I know you will be warm!) and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. I think everyone feels a bit like that with seeing people or being in touch/not being in touch. I mean, there isn't much to say when none of us are doing anything is there? I find myself at a complete loss as to what to say.
      Actually, I do think it would make a great Dr. Seuss character hat! Yes! More characters in button like hats. I could live in that world I'm sure.
      I hope the helicopters were only routine. We are very close to a major road. There's an accident on our stretch usually weekly. We always know because either our road becomes super silent - or stupidly busy, depending on the route the diversions take.
      Stay warm and well yourself - the biscuits sound perfect. And stay masked! So many people are leaving that aside again... xxxx