Sunday, November 29, 2020

Day 334 : Check


Day 334 : Check - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 334 : Check

Another of my odd wraps again today - which makes it look as though everything is woven but actually the only woven part is the little line around the edge. This technique can create some really interesting patterns (this one is a little tame actually!), and playing with shaped buttons also makes it pretty interesting.

So the lights arrived. We have the most brightly lit tree we have ever had haha! I think we deserve it this year. :)

I hope your week is a good one.


  1. Adian! One of his smashingly elegant suite in a herringbone stripe in the blue and taupe with a blue felt hat cocked over the right eye, darker blue suede pumps and bag. What a nice bit of imagination candy - thank you.
    Just took a quick look at Jutta Kohlbeck's buttons - you sure can see where the hours went on her things - reminds me of good portrait miniatures where you can spend ages just looking at the intricate workmanship, never mind the beautiful face. And I know I no longer have the time or the energy to spend that long on a single button.
    Oh -did you get the winter blankets out? I remade my bed to repair the slithery blanket ravages and Don came in and wanted to know how I could move under the weight of all that bedding. I told him that you only really know it is wintertime when you can scarcely turn over under the layers.
    Glad the lights arrived. The new ones are very bright indeed - we saw some rice size bulbs in tubing while walking the other day that could be seen half a block away. I do like to sit in the living room with just the tree lights on - even just our tiny tree - and remember other years and people who have gone on - very calming meditations. Oh, now I have put the Meditation from Thais in my head. It's ok - there are other things that wouldn't be as nice. Anyhow, I will think of you all curled up near the tree just enjoying the company and the calm.
    Stay warm and dry and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. Yes, I think the buttons that take a really long time are best suited for when I am not doing a daily challenge! A little bit a day instead of a mammoth session.

      I agree. I can't get warm with just a duvet. I need weight. I have an incredible crocheted blanket that my mom made. So heavy it filled a suitcase (more room for her to fill with goodies to take home!) and that weighs you down perfectly.
      And tree lights only - yes! Perfect.
      I hope the remaking means that your blankets aren't slipping now. Stay warm and well xxx