Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Day 295 : Knop


Day 295 : Knop - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 295 : Knop

First, my apologies for defaulting to the same colour braid I've been using! It must be my mood - I've plenty of other colours so there's no real excuse except maybe being subconsciously influenced by little ginger kittens :)

I love the word knop. It is "bud" in a few languages, and it is one that appears often in royal wardrobe accounts - items supplied by silkwomen - hence my liking for it. Tassels and knops, buttons and knops - yet we don't really know what it meant. From context, a turks head knot seems to be the most likely item. 

The bottom part of this button is an acorn cap covered in fabric. I chose one that was quite deep, and I'm quite pleased at how this works. You can see from the shadow cast on the tag that the button is quite deep (about 15mm).

Oh, and for CinC and anyone else who didn't see the mouse the other day here's an image (although I have drawn the chin line too low, I was using my finger on my phone, lol) - 

Mouse Gina Barrett

Size : 14mm / 9⁄16" / 24L


  1. It took me a second or two to locate the visible portion of the acorn cap but I'm sure the whole button looks terrific. And yes, little ginger kits may be having an affect. Aren't acorn caps nifty? I find myself smuggling them into California from every trip - always find acorns or other such and bring the bits home to pet. Chestnuts from Hungary and Hyde Park are special treasures.
    Do put Cardiff, the Castle and Castell Coch on your vacation jaunt list - you'll both be glad you did - and someday we'll all be able to go out again safely! Not surprised that Wales is locking down again - they had hordes of unmasked, undistanced people eating and drinking booze all over their lovely central square. The poor souls who

    live there were cleaning all kinds of nasty mess off their front steps.

    Did you ever think you would actually be living in interesting times? I surely did not and now I understand that particular curse.
    Thank you for drawing the mousey face - I had finally come pretty close but I missed the whiskers!!!
    I think you are right about the special rooms - whatever I live in winds up full of stuff so that serene minimal wouldn't work for me either. Better to start looking full of wood and colour and treasures and let it build gradually into a wonderful space.
    Hope the stir-fry was tasty - we are (well, I am) slow to be moving around so the Chinese has to wait until Thursday. At least they are there and willing to feed us!
    Sorry about the odd spacing - the cursor runs away from me sometimes.
    Please do stay warm and dry and well and don't forget those thumb exercises! Carrots for all!! Charlotte in California xxx

    1. Yes, it is pretty much everywhere - the younger population who aren't at risk of death seem to not really care about following the rules. I am more annoyed that nothing seems to be done about it. Ah well. we'll keep on doing as we must!
      I will be sure to pop Cardiff on the list. One day!!
      Yes, I have to start the exercises on my other thumb actually - twinging a bit today.
      I will try to remember to take a picture of the side of this button. It looks pretty cool.
      Keep yourselves well and safe - and cool! Don't forget I want to see the next biscornu! xxx