Thursday, October 22, 2020

Day 296 : Rosalie


Day 296 : Rosalie - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 296 : Rosalie

Yes, another soutache button! That happens - I start experimenting and it makes me think of other things to try. I would like to say I won't do another one - but I got another idea yesterday so... 

Only a few more days with my Viking fosterlings :( Had their check-up today, poor things have worms likely passed on with their mum's milk. No wonder they have eaten so much! I did wonder. The little one is very angry with me, he did not like me in my face mask and started his silent hissing again. And he's still mad at me. 

Size: 26mm / 1" / 40L


  1. Bring on the soutache!!!! We could all probably do a year of just soutache and never hit the bottom - like one never will get to the end of the internet. Don told me once how much stuff goes onto the net every minute - luckily we don't want to look at most it, but it is a bit overwhelming.
    So sorry the little guy is mad at you. They sure are funny when their noses get out if joint - my Bear went under the bed the first time I came home from away and we saw no cat for two weeks! Food would disappear, box would be used, but no cat. She was always a one for a good snit. I hope your kit gets over his mad before he goes to permahome.
    Will locate the camera today. Exercises - warm - dry - well - hugs all around! C in C xxx

    1. Soutache is really quite interesting, if you can get the play of light correct. I think a lot of the jewellery pieces - thought beautiful - hide the beauty of the cord itself. I'm glad you like them.

      He's ok with me today - just. The other one is fine. We had one who would turn his back on you and then give you a look over his shoulder like he was totally disgusted if you told him not to to something. He was a real hippie in every other way!
      But it is honestly the best, and poor Toby is really rather fed up that he can't go into the back rooms. He's all out of sorts too.
      Have a lovely weekend both of you - stay safe and well xxx