Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Day 330 : Jack Frost


Day 330 : Jack Frost - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 330 : Jack Frost

Last night it turned really cold - it is time for us to get out the other blankets! I was honestly freezing all night and am currently snuggled in 3 layers plus my dressing gown. I think that probably dictated the colours.

I really should get more expensive beads (these are not). The sizes would be consistent, so designs like would be more even when finished. I still like it though, and reckon it would look just as nice using reds and oranges to be a sparkly sun!


  1. The weather gods are after both of us because I also darned near froze Tuesday night - luckily there was a heavy matelisse spread near at hand or I would have been in trouble. I think I told you about the night in Ely - no heat, slithery useless excuse for a duvet, window open, and snow in the night! We had on every garment in our bags and still never did more than doze for a few minutes at a time. You know you are in trouble when you can't bend your arms enough for your fingers to reach the keyboard!
    Yes, go fish out the heavy blankets. And watch it - you may wind up with Toby between you inside the covers down at the foot! He wouldn't be as good a foot warmer as my cat was but he would do.
    I had to look twice at the picture to see the beads - the light and my eyes made it look like some fabulous braid or tape instead of beads. It is possible to get evenness from czech beads but it takes about three times as long to sort and pick - I actually like the unevenness of them. And yes, it would be spiffy in festive reds!
    I don't have a cell phone ( tried once and couldn't figure out how to turn it on!) but I have noticed many of my friends use theirs to the exclusion of any other means of communicating. My church and one of my button clubs have zoom meetings - the very idea gives me the crawlies! And Don has fished down (from the ether) some museum podcasts that are nasty - one would think they would have some idea what the wanted to say but you just get um or ur or some strange sound. I make him turn off the worst of them.
    Need to prepare some sort of food - I hear faint starving sounds from upstairs ;).
    Do stay warmish and well and dry. xxx

  2. I forgot to remind you to cover your head! Why do you think the ancestors all wore sleeping caps? Mark too. c xx

  3. Oooooh! Have you seen what Yoko did with the exquisite plant dyed sashiko thread? I did drool a little on the laptop - could not help myself! C xx

    1. You didn't tell me about Ely, you do mean Ely here? I love Ely, one of my favourite places in this country. Found it totally fascinating as a kid.
      Haha, yes, Toby makes a good foot warmer, but I'd agree, cats are something else!
      I do hope that Don didn't starve ;)

      Yes, Yoko's autumn trees? OMG. That's all I can say. I did a three tree button back in my old challenge, but I do think that her most recent is really the best button ever and I have told her. I drooled too.

      Our ancestors were right about so much, weren't they. I wonder if in the future anyone will say we were right about anything? Doubt it somehow.

      Happy Thanksgiving, stay well and warm and cosy. xxx