Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Day 294 : Faux


Day 294 : Faux - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 294 : Faux

Today's button hides a little secret. It is paper not leather. I've been working with faux lather techniques (I've a couple that are my favourite), so I thought I should try to create a button using the technique. I'm quite happy with it. Because it is paper, I've not quite yet sorted it so it will work with all leather buttons, but I reckon you could mimic quite a few styles....

Size: 32mm / just under 1" / 58L


  1. Tried several times - haven't seen the mouse from yesterday yet - I'm sure it is there and then I'll never not see him - like the hare pounding rice in the moon!
    This "leather" look is fab! I am not a paper, ink, sort of person (tried but it never took) but I can see the fun in it. I do have several recipes for faux leather effects on walls and one of these days I may get around to making a small library room in old Spanish leather, with dark "carved" wood shelves, a pair of bqronial chairs, and an "El Greco" on the wall - in my next lifetime, of course, but it would be lovely - got the room. Wait, that is the room I really want to do up full on William Burgess!! He may win out! Have you been to Castle Coche in Wales? We went to Cardiff and saw the Castle but it was too far out of town to add to a day trip. We kept wandering back through the Castle rooms trying to see everything - one of the guards noticed and told us about the curator's tours - much more detail and more rooms - on our list for the next trip!
    Grocery forage was fairly successful but there are fewer choices in some aisles and the prices are going up! Will not complain - we have groceries, choices, and the money to buy - way ahead of many people, thank heaven! Will finish up today or tomorrow and treat ourselves to a Chinese takeaway as a reward!
    I was poking around on Pinterest and ran across your place - what fun to see all of this year's buttons in one place (which you can by just looking around! Sort of slips my mind sometimes.) and the 2016 - what a range of materials and methods. Very inspiring - which is one of the points!
    Stay warm, well, and dry. Charlotte xxx

    1. The room sounds great - in my next lifetime I want some very different rooms, one like really clean and minimal - but I know that in reality I will still surround myself with books, dark Victorian furniture and and array of textiles that don't mind pets :)
      No, I haven't been. The only time I've been to Wales was back in my youth - when Mark's band was on tour. So, no history, but a lovely day off off near a river. Beautiful. Of course, Wales in about to go back into lockdown, with many people from many places in England barred so that isn't likely to happen soon either. What a world.
      I hope you enjoy the Chinese - I've planned stir fry for tomorrow too.
      Stay safe and well xxx