Thursday, October 8, 2020

Day 282 : Midwest


Day 282 : Midwest - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 282 : Midwest

Just a pretty, colourful zwirnknopfe today! No plan, just paying with colours. Because of the technique used for a zwirnknopfe button, it is quite easy to unwind and change your mind if something doesn't look quite right. 

I do hope everyone is having a decent day today. It's been wet and miserable today, but I've managed to be quite efficient and get some stock components counted and put away. 

Size: 32mm / 1 7⁄16" / 58L


  1. Sorry your weather is soggy. Funny how that happens every year about this time! We are a trifle cooler but still with the marine layer - it used to mostly show up in June, hence June Gloom, but somehow it's gotten off track. I'm pretty sure it is just the normal earth cycling along it's schedule and we are just along for the ride. It wasn't really that long ago that you had wooly mammoths in your backyard and I had very large cats! The fires are all still burning but they seem to have put a break around much at risk areas. Still tense on all fronts but we will get through in the end.
    I have a feeling that you would simply be overwhelmed at a big button show - imagine a big hotel ballroom absolutely filled with table after table laden with every imaginable kind of button in every material, prices from pennies to thousands!!! It is just too much to take in! Even the small show put on by the San Diego Button Club in January had a dozen or more dealers and I have yet to make it to every one of their tables! I love the ones that look like thread or fabric and am slowly building up a nice stash. I think it would be fun to reverse engineer some of them and produce thread buttons based on glass buttons based on thread buttons. You would just love the distinctive sound of a sales room - the patter and swish and taps of hands passing through masses of loose buttons in poke boxes. Heaven!
    Guess I'd better go take a stab at going to sleep before the sun comes up. Hope today was as productive for you as yesterday was. Stay warm and dry and well. Charlotte xxx

  2. Charlotte, you are so right - I would be overwhelmed (as I suspect would by bank card haha!). I have done the odd reverse engineer, but nothing too spectacular. However I saw a button on eBay today that is one of those Italian melted plastic with braid couture buttons, that I am really keen to try an all-thread version of. Mind you, it will have to be from memory as I forgot to add it to my watch list and it was in with a load of others ("Italian melted plastic with braid button" probably would not work in a search engine!).
    I'm glad to hear that the fires seem to at least be under control. The way this year has been it is hardly surprising that the Gloom is a little confused - who isn't?
    Have a terrific weekend both of you, rest up, stay safe and well xxx