Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Day 281 : Eruption


Day 281 : Eruption - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 281 : Eruption

A really simple button today, despite how it looks. The swirly pattern has been created by weaving, so it is one of those very relaxing buttons. 

Named for the Van Halen song. I just finished the button when I heard the news about Eddie Van Halen. His music was very important to me in my teens, and I still love it now. Most couples have slow songs, we have 'Jump'! 

Size: 18mm / 37frasl;4" / 28L


  1. Cannot believe this is my third try to leave a comment! Went to check something, came back and the box was empty, tried again and Google said I was out of sync(???), Don saved me and laptop - so here I am!!!!
    I am so glad you liked the red buttons. I had just finished some patchwork for red penny squares and thought "Why not?". I am very pleased with the results myself. I made each button three times to get it well fixed in finger memory and put together three cards - one to keep and exhibit and the other two for auction with my button groups when we can have shows again. And they may appear in the next California State Button Brief - if they do I will send you a copy for your clippings files.
    It is such a peculiar feeling when our youthful icons pass on - how on earth can that happen? And then we realize that we aren't really that age anymore no matter how we feel on the inside. I was glad to read that all his family was with him. Hope you and Mark played your song quite loudly and had a joyous remembrance dance!
    Stay well and warm and dry. Hugs all around . Charlotte xxx

    1. Well done Don! Sometimes things just seem to go wrong for the sake of it - usually when you least need it as well.
      I understand that the button shows in the states are quite the thing. Probably a good idea I am not there. I'm sure that I would branch out into collecting all types - it could be very dangerous. I already find myself picking up ones that pretend to be thread. :)
      I think your fellow members are going to be pretty thrilled to bid on that!
      I guess in many ways I should be happy that my body continually tells me how old I really am ;)
      Stay well and safe, are you able to enjoy your walks again or is the weather still off? xxx