Tuesday, October 6, 2020

280 : Bot


Day 280 : Bot - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 280 : Bot

I've no idea where this little guy appeared from, but there he is! I can picture him on a nice 1950s cardigan or something. It would be interesting to see how it looks bigger. 

Bad Day today. If it could go wrong it did. Including nearly ruining a load of stock when I knocked my coffee flying. Which normally has a lid on it to avoid such a problem... Still, we pushed through, and it wasn't so bad by the end of the day.

I hope that you all have had much better days!

Size: 19mm / 3⁄4" /30L


  1. Oh my dear! My heart just thumps in sympathy - we've all thrown our coffee around at one time or another and even if one hasn't completely ruined whatever was under the deluge there is that overwhelming feeling of idiocy. So very glad to hear it was not a disaster after all. Isn't it amazing how much coffee was in that cup? Half a roll of paper towels to sop it all up.
    We have had two days of unusually heavy marine layer (kind of high level fog) which holds all the irritating and allergenic particles down here where we are, which while cooler at night wakes us up with allergy eyes and then it burns off in the early afternoon and we are stinking hot again! Never believe anyone who tells you that the Los Angeles area doesn't have weather - we do. It's just that it is weird weather. Mustn't complain - it isn't raining and we've had no earthquakes today!
    It might well be worth investing in a proper trap - no one need a feral colony around. Around here the population stays fairly low because the coyotes have discovered the cat feeders ( I've heard of a pair of them trotting down the middle of a major street just 5 miles from here in broad daylight, like a pair of dogs out for a stroll! That town passed an ordinance against leaving any animal food outside at any time and very strongly recommended not leaving small dogs outside unsupervised.)
    Got to go whack a couple of inches off my hair - between the stress shedding and the split ends I'm heading for full on female baldness! By the way, your hair always looks so pretty on Hochanda - loved the yellow scarf!
    I am going to ask Don to send or attach the scan he made of my 20 Fabric Buttons - it was so much fun to do them all. Thanks for creating the booklet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mofzc0zkg9fcqsz/Twenty%20To%20Stitch%20-%20Fabric%20Buttons.jpg?dl=0
    Stay dry and warm and well, keep the cap on the coffee, and cookies and hugs to all. Charlotte in California xxxx

    1. Oh Charlotte, thank you! They are beautiful! I love love love that you have made a matching set. Honestly, you can't imagine how happy it makes me to see what others have made :)

      Oh how scary about the coyotes. People do forget that they need to respect wildlife. When Toby was a pup we think he had a set to with either a young fox or a badger in the garden (when we were in the cottage) very late at night. A bit of show off growling through a hedge. It was a timely reminder that we weren't the only ones out there! I have always been funny about leaving food out, just thinking about rats. But yes, we have started looking for proper traps. They do have a trap and neuter for some areas here, so that would be the plan if we see them again. I figure if they do show up, they'll be fully weaned by that point. Would not want to trap her until they are, as we now don't know where they are.

      Thanks about my hair. I've taking most of my life to find a nice hairdresser! The yellow was to hide the lockdown roots that time, lol.

      Thanks again sooo much for the image!
      Stay well and safe and I really hope that your weather improves, that marine layer sounds quite nasty. My sinuses would really struggle xxx