Monday, September 7, 2020

Day 251 : Starred


Day 251 : Starred - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 251 : Starred

Today's button made me think of a sheriff's badge - despite the fact that this has 6 points and is beaded! Perhaps it is simply that it reminds me of some of the beaded buttons in my collection - a few of which are said to be Navajo or Indian. Who knows if they are really. 

That's one of the issue of textile button collecting. Most of the time you really have no idea where they were made, and in many cases no idea when. 

Good job I only collect for the pretties.. 

Size : 30mm / 1 3⁄16" / 48L


  1. First - yes,there is a layer of smoke because the prevailing winds this time of year are from the north east. Smelly but not too bad. We have had worse and will again. Luckily we don't have respiratory problems. The wildlife seems to get through all right - running or burrowing below the fire. Now - the important stuff - love this one! Straight out of Modern Priscilla or Needlecraft Magazine! I'll try to remember to send you copies of their "make your own buttons" pages - 1920s and earlier. I have some of these gems in my box also, along with a pile of the beads they are slowly shedding. They have all been given to me by button dealers or friends who can't be bothered with them. Lucky me! Temperature down a lot today (10') and cloud/smoke overcast so we may have enough starch for a walk. We will stay well and hydrated if you will. C in C xxx

    1. Well, I just wrote you a lovely reply, and clicked signed out instead of publish! haha. I hope that you got your walk? Oh the pages sound wonderful - I do like old instructions. I've some crochet ones from Australian publications. So many button people really can't be doing with thread or fabric buttons. And when they are falling apart - well, best way to learn from them :)
      Stay cool and well, I hope your day is lovely! xx