Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Day 252 : Dorset Dalek


Day 252 : Dorset Dalek - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 252 : Dorset Dalek

hahaha! I'm sorry, I'm laughing away to myself as I write this. I made a Dalek button! 

This was not intentional. I was simply playing around with natural colours and thinking about buttons on a bag or something else handwoven where the shape would be noticed. I was enjoying the nice pane repeat that the weaving had created. It took ages to do actually! But, it wasn't until I photographed it from the side that I saw the dalek. Once seen, never unseen :) We can imagine the weapons and eye on the other side...

Why Dorset? I started with a high top.

Size : 10mm / 7⁄16" / 18L


  1. Hate it when I push the wrong thing! This laptop is ancient (Harrods Technology Suite one vacation) and suffers from moving keys - why else can't I spell anything? I have only tried a hightop once - from your book, of course - and thought it was a tad fiddly. Will try more but I know I can never create anything as cute as this little guy - exterminate.... good thing we didn't have a sheltered childhood - what would we do without dear Dr. Who? Do stay well and regards to all. C in C xxx

    1. Haha, yes, fiddly is one way to describe it :)
      Hope the fires are still well enough away?
      Where is Dr Who when we need him though? Bet he'd sort out this year...
      Stay safe and well both xx