Sunday, August 30, 2020

Day 243 : Circuitry


Day 243 : Circuitry - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 243 : Circuitry

This button is a combination - the ring is one of a load that I picked up, described as button rings. I don't think they are - I've never seen a button with this type of ring. I expect the are decorative curtain rings, or even a bead. They are nice though, most are like this with a bit of a flat profile. Turns out that a little acrylic disc I had fit perfectly inside. So, a bit of embroidery and wrapping and an unusual button is born.

Well, it's still cold. Typical August Bank Holiday! Guess it is a good job all plans are off... 

Size: 23mm / 7⁄8" / 36L


  1. It's probably just as well we only get to England every two years or so - the Travel Fairies always give us lovely weather (barring the odd thunderstorm in Walthamstow) and I'm certain they would not keep it nice all the time if we lived there. Sorry about the chill - do you have an AGA to snuggle up to? Today's button is quite striking and a good example of playing with what is at hand - I like it. Oh - how are the new glasses working? I always spend a week or so adjusting to my new prescriptions - taking steps that aren't there and so on. Do stay dry and well and regards to all. C in C xxx

    1. Sadly, no we don't have an AGA. In fact, it is a stone house that for some reason the fireplaces were blocked in. Not only that, but ran lighting through the chimney areas... Yeah, I know... A very poor attempt at modernisation I'm afraid.
      New glasses are quite good. Can't manage with them on the computer - the varifocal part isn't large enough. But I am loving them for multitasking - and it was great on the shows being able to see not only what I was doing, but also the presenter :)
      I hope that you are both doing well. Keep safe xx