Sunday, August 2, 2020

Day 215 : Gaucho

Day 215 : Gaucho - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 215 : Gaucho

Yes, another knot - a gaucho knot. Now, I did one that was made somewhat differently (there are many variations) in my 2016 challenge, but happily did not name it gaucho...

I have used a waxed knotting cotton - the colour is too dark, I've had to really lighten this image for you to see what's going on. I added the little line of light thread as I knew it was a bit dark, but even that didn't help much. It is a nice pattern on the gaucho knot though, so I may have to try a variation in something a little clearer. 

A long day weeding the garden today, I'm worn out. That's why I'm posting so late. Still, had our first kohlrabi (a purple) and made it into chips for dinner. Very nice too. My kale have been laid on though - have tried to clear the leaves with eggs, hopefully caught them all. They were fine on Friday, arrgh. We were enjoying the kale too! Some background - I am not a gardener. I prefer to live where there are sturdy, well-established fruit trees I can just pick when its ready!! But like so many, we decided during lockdown to try to grow some veg, with literally no knowledge, haha! 

Back to the button...

Size : 12mm / 1⁄2" / 20L 


  1. Me again - just to say there's a very good liniment there that does wonders for those weed pulling muscles - Voltarin - and I was just told we can get it here now over the counter! My re-enacting buddies swear by it. Have you seen a video about the girls making those minute knot button for middle eastern robes? Makes anything I've tried look gigantic and crude - but I am not going to turn to full time Turkshead knots just to get tiny and good - life is too short. Good luck with the kale (I have weeds outside and huge water beetles inside!) Charlotte in California

    1. I have seen them - they are so quick! I can do a basic TH fairly quickly now, but I still look awkward compared to them.
      My current go-to is Deep Heat - smells like and is like your Ben-gay (do they even still do that?) Always reminds me of my Dad!
      We've got pretty big black beetles too - every summer, ugh.

    2. Yup -Ben-Gay still exists but according to them that have tried everything the Voltarin is the bee's knees - they even got their doctor to write prescriptions (seems it is or was for use on horses only here).

    3. Our equivalent in Voltarol - I save that for really bad hip and knee days xx
      (falling apart....) ;)