Monday, August 31, 2020

Day 244 : Dew


Day 244 : Dew - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 244 : Dew

Today's button is another inspired by one of my vintage buttons. I've quite a variety of vintage soutache buttons, and nearly all are black. Usually meant for coats, so even if not black they will be a dark brown, or sometimes a cream. Although many are encased in button forms (pressed together with a little machine), most can still usually be made using rings. I had a bit of a "moment" how I could make the centre quickly - and this worked. Yay! The addition of the beads was an after thought - I remembered some that matched perfectly. So, like little dew drops in grass...

No special outing or anything for Bank Holiday Monday for us. Did manage to do some housework though, haha. 

Size: 34mm / 1 3⁄8" / 52L


  1. That green silky braid is probably even nicer in person and the beads are indeed the perfect touch. I'll have to rootle around in my old coat buttons - it never occurred to me that the back cover could be dispensed with. Regarding the wiring up the chimney - what a hassle when you have to do repairs! Don't people do peculiar things to houses? Keep meaning to ask if the Barrett is cousin to Elizabeth? If so we are probably cousins since Grandfather Mark Clayton married Susan Barrett in 18 something or other - she was EBB's cousin. I've never prowled through family history too much but if another lifetime arrived might get well stuck in. Stay well. C in C xx

    1. It really is - the photos rarely do the materials justice.
      No, Mark's Barretts are Cornish tin miners who went up north to coal mine. Haven't found any connection to the "posh" Barretts :) Not that he's done too much work on the trees - his Grandmother's side has the longest pedigree (she married beneath...) . Supposed to be a retirement project - haha!
      Keep well xx