Friday, December 4, 2020

Day 339 : Snow Day


Day 339 : Snow Day - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 339 : Snow Day

Today's button is a marker - we actually got snowed in! We set out to the unit this morning with a nice long list of things to to, orders to pack and a courier pick up scheduled. And realised the road was just getting worse as we drove, so turned around at the first roundabout and came home. Good job we did - we later learnt that the main road that we take was closed due to the snow, so even had we made it in, we would have been spending the night. 

So, although I was part way through a more complex button, I figured it had to be a snowflake today, just so that I can look back and remember what had happened.

I hope that everyone is keeping well - and warm (or cool of course, if you are in hotter places!)


  1. Oooh! They are trying to shove a nasty high speed train down your throats too? They tried to do that from Los Angeles to Sacramento (state capital) (no ancient forest to eviscerate but respectable farm land) but luckily people fought back hard enough to stop it. Fingers crossed for you!
    I just looked at the newspaper headlines from Grantham and I can see why snow would mess things up something awful. It must be a real pain to have that much traffic that close at hand - we are 1/2 a mile from a major interstate freeway which is raised above ground level about one story and if the wind is out of the east or dropped we get noise, and the larger streets closer to are two lanes each way. We had the room to spread out so our suburb has two lane traffic and parking either side, which appears to be wider than the A52! Oh, I know I could never ever drive in England. Anyhow, I am so glad you got safely turned around and home - those units are not built for comfort! Looks like you've got more cold and wet coming - ick.
    Do love the snowflake button. I made up the snowflake kit with medium blue base wrap and the snowflakes do show up well - might make some more in different sizes.
    If you haven't seen Yoko's posts for a few days go and look - the woman has gone stark raving mad with metallic thread! Very cheery and bright.
    I think I'll go fix some soup and toast - and you do the same. Please try to stay warm and well and dry. Hugs to all. Charlotte

    1. Ah the high speed has begun work sadly. And carving through ancient woodland. Very sad. Especially as this year has shown us that the more important thing needed for our infrastructure is decent internet everywhere. So many people will not be going back to working in offices. And so many others have fallen behind because they can't get online to even shop for food.

      We do have quite a bit of traffic out at the front of us - and nothing for ages behind us or on the other side of the road (and only a few houses close by). So on the whole its very rural - it is just the road carving through. At one time it was a simple toll road. Luckily, we hear very little noise from the A1, it's just the road out front.
      Yes, I saw Yoko's buttons! I love that bow. Very sweet!
      Stay warm and well, it was jacket potatoes for us, lovely and warming. Keep safe xx