Thursday, December 3, 2020

Day 338 : Havisham

Day 338 : Havisham - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 338 : Havisham

Today's button is a combination, and because of the single colour just made me think of cobwebs and dust, haha! Probably not the best way to describe a button, but there you go. I still think it would look great on the right coat though. 

It was nearly called Lost. I took the photo, got sidetracked, and could not find the button. Yup, it's been one of those weeks again. 

I hope that everyone is doing well and keeping safe. 



  1. So I know I was banging the tin cup for more plush and I thank you for obliging and am looking forward to the new kit - should be great fun. I thought I said something about yesterday's button - guess not - which I think was charming, a bit rakish, a trifle saucy. I'll scooble around in my stuff to see if I have any multiples of these kind for you and I'll call my buddy Bruce who has forgotten more about buttons than either of us will ever learn. He might point us in the direction of a picture of the assembly machine or something else useful. Are you locking each stitch in as you go or just packing so much thread in that it holds itself together (Amish raised work)? Anyhow, keep playing and sharing - it is fun!
    Los Angeles is having a post Thanksgiving plague spike - I understand they are very close to capacity in the city hospitals. I am sure that the whole of southern California is spiking - so many people choosing badly and harming their families. My son is in Wichita, Kansas and they only have a few hospitals that can handle COVID-19 and all of them are full up. He says people are being sent as far as Alaska for treatment of some things! Scary as it is I believe we are still ahead of the game with a sound roof, heat, light, and potable water, enough food - I'm counting our blessings. Do stay warm and dry and masked up - we seem to have a plethora of people who feel that the nose does not need covering - and we will do the same.
    Oh, I was thinking about UK train service and transport and there is much less than there used to be. Mum noticed a change from her first visit to her second - not possible to get to things the second time. We used to have pretty good interstate train service and reliable bus service but that all fell apart and nothing has replaced it except a personal car or taxi of some sort. I think there has been a steady erosion since 1919 that hasn't stopped yet - more people crowded together, automobiles so you aren't stuck in a day's walk or wagon ride circle from home, less community/ village sense, no more local shops because they can't compete with the big stores for variety and price, - well, you know all the things. What seems the hardest is not knowing any way to slow it all down, so maybe plague will be a good thing in the longest run of all? No, you are right, it is still going to hell in a handbasket.
    We will just make our buttons and do our own best - can't do more. Enough moaning!
    Have a swell weekend! Charlotte xxx

    1. I'm really sorry the cases are increasing - I have to say I figured it would after Thanksgiving. It is such a worry. watching social media and people visiting and I just want to scream, why? And yes, we have the anti-maskers and the cover the mouth only brigade. Not far from us there is a major spike too, numbers just keep increasing. And some of the stupid people they spoke to on the local news! arrgh. I do sometimes find myself wishing the damn virus would mutant and "cure" stupid. Something needs to.

      Trains. Yes. Thing is they have slowly closed them down. And now - building a multi million (billion?) pound high speed line carving through ancient woodland instead of sorting all of the old disused tracks that would actually be beneficial to people travelling locally and get cars off of the road - they still haven't figured out that not everyone wants to work in London...

      Yes, enough of that. Its the weekend. You two make sure you stay safe and well. Try not to worry about your son; I'm sure he's smart - he's yours!

      Button up and keep warm ;) xxx