Friday, November 27, 2020

Day 332 : Sails


Day 332 : Sails - One Button A Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 332 : Sails

The design of today's button reminded me of windmill sails - hence the name. Very late posting today - such a busy day sorting things and being in online help for an issue for ages, generally just one of those days! Nice to relax with a button though, and I enjoyed playing with the wrapping of this so might explore it a bit more. 

Here we are at the weekend then - please everyone stay safe and well. 


  1. Nice wrapping, kiddo! It looks like a pretty trim on a very girly sweater - maybe with blue and pink ruffles knit at neck and wrists. Cute but not my style.
    Hope the Saturday was a good one and you all had a chance to play and rest and enjoy life. We watched the semi-final of Great British Bakeoff - we always are exhausted afterwards from "helping" everyone bake. We quite like the new guy - he seems very quick and funny and as if he is really interested in what the bakers are doing. And Don found An Extra Slice somehow so we have that silliness to add a smile to the day.
    He is so clever - we have the very best television - just what we want to see without commercials or any other rubbish. Yes, I know commercials pay the bills but I would like to see more than 15 minutes of content (if that!) in a 30 minute program.
    Stay warm and dry and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. I have watched this season of Bake off yet, probably because I am trying to diet so that I can over indulge at Christmas without too much trouble. Have you seen Bake Off the Professionals? restaurant teams making things, some super fancy stuff going on there. I know what you mean about adverts. I try not to skip every advert that pops up on Youtube when it is someone I like, as they are probably earning a penny or two themselves.
      Stay well and warm your self - and masked! xxxx