Thursday, November 26, 2020

Day 331 : Meditate


Day 331 : Meditate - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 331 : Meditate

Before I start - Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US (and elsewhere) who are celebrating. I do hope that despite covid you manage to have a good day.

Today's button is about texture and design, not colour. I love single coloured thread buttons, from the death's head through to the super complex designs. I like the way the light reflects on the thread as it changes direction, and how the intricacies of the wrapping come to light. Sometimes I forget about this, going for more colours. But using one well is a very mindful task.


  1. Yes, I did mean Ely there, and I love it too - what I saw of it! My Mom took me to England the first time twenty five years ago or so ( she said I shouldn't turn fifty and never have been there!) I am a fan of Elizabeth Goudge and Ely is the setting for one of her books so of course it was on my list. Half day so lots of things closed early but what I remember of the cathedral was glorious. The B&B we picked turned out to have used heavy fabric softener on every bit of cloth in the room - absolute allergy anathema to Mom! We went down the street to a hotel, which had run out of fabric softener and had a room, and I went back to the B&B and brought all our stuff along. Nice place - probably early 20th c - we had soup in the restaurant and went to bed, but not to sleep. Mom was dealing with averting allergies and I had never been in a place that age. It was a very interesting night. I now know to check the windows very carefully and I make sure I know how to turn up the heat! And I'll take Don there the next time we go because I know we will both appreciate it. Thankfully, there is still some semblance of public transport in England so it is an easy day trip from London.
    Yoko made some deaths head buttons with her new sashiko thread - perfect examples of the beautiful meditative quality you have in this button - She seems to make plain old deaths head buttons with all her thread before she cuts loose with the fancy stuff. I can get that plant dyed perle cotton from a Canadian needleworker but it sure is pricey and I am reminding myself that just because I want it I don't need it and if I live to be a hundred I'll barely dent the threads I have but I do still covet that thread!
    Goodness, I have rattled on! Hope your weekend is good - not too deep freezy. Put on a hat or scarf - too bad Toby isn't fluffy so you could drape him around your neck.
    Stay dry and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. At least you can say that you had an adventure - and learnt from it ;) I don't think anywhere has half days any longer. Even many post offices are open all day on a Saturday - but that is probably because they closed so many branches the remainder are extra busy. Public transport is ok to major places, but there aren't really proper bus routes in many places any longer. Is it because everyone has cars, or does everyone have cars because there are fewer buses? That's the question!
      We did have a cat who would happily sleep around your neck. Oh it was glorious when it was cold! Yes, I think Yoko does do that with new threads, it is quite clever. Such a nice way to keep samples. I expect her samples are neatly put away. She'd probably be horrified at my rather untidy work desk. :)
      Have a lovely weekend both of you. Stay safe and well - and try going through some of that thread stash so you have a little spare space... xxxx