Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Day 322 : Mandala VII


Day 322 : Mandala VII - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 322 : Mandala VII

A doodle button to unwind with this evening. Busy busy day again, now its packing the orders (and thank you all again) so this was created with a little bit of feet up time. 

So, my post will be short and sweet again; need to film a YouTube tutorial for the Knotting Tools, seeing as I promised one would be up by the end of the week :)


  1. The forging went quite well today (Tuesday) and Don cleverly spotted a semi-gourmet pre made turkey meal and a pie from our local pie manufacturer so I won't have much to do on Thanksgiving! It is interesting to see what is in short supply from one month to the next - odd gaps and you wonder what the manufacturer is up against trying to get his product to market safely. Certainly am glad the whole infrastructure seems to be going along somehow or other.
    After I wrote about blankets leaving me cold Monday turned out to be a very warm, still day - shirt sleeve walking and kicking layers of covers off that night! But it is a bit cooler tonight so I'll be putting in some serious blanket wrestling.
    I really like the layers of colour you've put in this button - one of the things on my make it list is Yoko's variations on a zwirnknopf - so much fun!!!! I might try them in something subtle like shades of cream and taupe or greens.
    Do stay warm and well and masked up, wear the brace and do the exercises - gee, I sound like a Mum! Well, I am a Mum, so I can sound like one once in a while! Charlotte xxx

    1. Aw, thank you - yes, still wearing the brace and exercising, I think the weather is making it stiffen up a bit. I'm glad it warmed up a little. I agree, it is pretty amazing what some companies are going through to keep going and how they are thinking outside the box. Especially the smaller ones.
      Yoko's variations are very very clever. Some I have come up with myself over the years, but no where near the variety of hers - and such a nice way of displaying the variations. They honestly make each design look so different, even when they start the same. Love them. Cream and taupes and green sound quite lovely.
      Stay warm yourself, stay well, and safe xx