Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Day 323 : Lopsided


Day 323 : Lopsided - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 323 : Lopsided

Ok, so this button is clearly lopsided in the picture. But honestly, in real life you barely notice a slightly off line. Because your eye sees the lightest colour - well, mine does. But as a photo, its that dark line I see. And of course, once seen, it can't be unseen. Quite odd. Now, I could have started over, but you know, this is a daily challenge. And it isn't terrible, just a bit crooked. I think I can live with that!

Right, off to finish a commission in less time than I thought I had to actually do it. A couple of late nights again I think!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well 


  1. There is a tool called a pin that you can use to nudge threads around. Just sayin'. Love the colors - I suspect they look quite different in person but still good.
    I too am surprised by deadlines - it is really weird how they creep along snail-like and then start up like hares! I know the work will turn out well. Speaking of which - did you get a picture of the suit that all those gold buttons went on? It must have been something with all that bright check purl twinkling away!
    Best regards and hugs to all! Stay warm and dry and well. C in C xxx

    1. Hahaha! The pin wouldn't shift this :)
      No, my deadline has been brought forward - I think lockdown has messed things up as it is for tv and they are filming next week...
      The little gold buttons are for dress uniform, you can see them partially here - - Horse Guards I think.
      I hope it isn't too cold and that you are all foraged up so can enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and well and warm xx