Monday, November 16, 2020

Day 321 : Justin

Day 321 : Justin - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 321 : Justin

As in just in time, if I get this posted within the next 7 minutes!

Not long back from the Hochanda studios - should have really posted this image before I left, but there was still all sorts to get done. So, got in, grabbed something to eat, and am now posting.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has tuned in to the shows. 



  1. Ah, yes - those dull thuds were you and Mark and Toby flopping into your respective chairs while wolfing down a bit of food! So very glad the shows went well and the weather was decent for travel. Pulling one inner thread on the soutache really does give a cute floral thingamy!
    We had to Amazon order a gauge and pump - poor little car's tires had lost enough air to make the trouble light come on! Don took his stool out and pumped ten pounds of air
    into each tire. We are now safe to go out hunting and gathering food , which we do need to do - down to the last bit of butter and no bread!!!!.
    Do stay warm and well. Good luck getting all the orders sent out. Hugs to all. Charlotte xxxx

    1. Oh I hope your foraging went well. Its amazing how quickly we can get it done these days, isn't it? As I don't feel I can/should pick up an item in the supermarket to see what the ingredients are, I don't buy anything new. We have one of those in the car too, Lincolnshire roads are so bad that if you hit a pothole chances are you'll crack the wheel - blowing up the tyre can at least get you home.
      Pulling at the inner thread works a treat for making frogs on a garment too - creates a nice curve to stitch down.
      Stay well and masked and snug - both of you xxx