Sunday, November 15, 2020

Day 320 : Sprig


Day 320 : Sprig - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 320 : Sprig

Today's button is really a sample for tomorrow's show on Hochanda. This gives an example of our new button stamp sets being used together - so a button border and two of the flower stamps layered to create something different. 
We are lucky using stamps for embroidery - unlike paper crafters we don't have to worry about masks as we are going to be covering up the stamped impression with stitches anyway. That leaves a lot of scope for creating new designs.

Short and sweet today, must crack on with show prep!

Have a lovely evening. 


  1. I needed to look hard at Spangled to see how you put it together - glad you needlewove the corners because naked molds always make me crazy. It will be a wonderful button to play with colours and textures. Thank you.
    And thank you for the layered up stamping - I always need reminding that an image is rarely cast in stone. The little round stamps for frames
    are fabulously useful - good graphic thinking !
    So here is the question for the day - how in the heck does one keep the blankets from sliding down the bed and off the side? I just start to drift off and realize that my shoulders are cold because the wretched blankets have gone walkabout!!!! Maybe I should get some big clips and clip them up around my neck or go for a mummy sleeping bag - I know I sleep and sit wiggly but it really is irritating. Of course, by the time I solve the problem it will be so hot I'll be kicking off a single sheet!
    I did have a nice thing while blanket wrestling - the light at 7am this time of year is so beautiful! For a few weeks it reaches so deeply into the room that you are forced to sit and look - how can the everyday stuff of your room be transformed so? And the same for my kitchen - that beam of gold across the counter, just touching the sideboard - what a gift!
    The knotting boards look very useful - I hope I can find Hochanda and convince my laptop to show me your events.
    Hope Toby liked his treats and that you are all safe and well and not too hideously wornout. Hot drink and a warm bed! Charlotte xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad you liked the covering. I don't mind naked moulds so long as it isn't too much showing, but I do prefer to colour them if they are going to show.
      Hmm, that is one heck of a question. I have found a sort of solution at least for the age old issue of "you took the blankets" - we now have blankets for the next bed size up. That way if one pulls them , the other still has some spare, haha! Maybe the answer is a velcro strip?
      Winter light is quite nice, when we get it! Its been so dull recently, but we do get some spectacular skies here in Lincolnshire. Photos never do them justice.
      Very tired, its a long day. But our in car picnic was nice, and the weather wasn't rotten during travelling, so you can't ask for a lot more really!
      Stay safe - and warm ! xxx