Friday, November 13, 2020

Day 318 : Bottlecap


Day 318 : Bottletop - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 318 : Bottlecap

Today's button is a variation of the stunning bottlecap buttons that are very popular with button makers at the moment. My dear friend Yoko has just completed (I think) 100 - each with a different cap and threadwork to match the logo. Absolutely the work of an artist! 

This is flipping that over, and very simple in comparison. I do not have any rings large enough to fit the cap inside of, but dropped a ring which landed perfectly inside of the cap. I think I will play with this idea a bit more. Of course, you do have to think about it, as you can't work through metal...

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We will be working hard getting ready to Monday's Button Day Show.


  1. Quite interesting button, turned over like that - you may have to lay in some larger rings! Could be whole new area, making the shirtlace patterns back to front - hum......
    Am watching Midsomer Murders from the start for my stitching accompiniment (high def. on the laptop so I can see with my glasses off and sew at the same time) and it really is so nice to see the home counties in the spring and summer and all the lovely houses and beautiful villages - makes me so homesick - then I think - I've got trouble coping with a fifty year old house and local traffic and mild weather all year! A 150 year old house in a 200 year old village with modern traffic on 100 year old roads - I'd be in the loony bin in no time! I think of you and my other British friends with much affection, but I'll only visit in the spring or fall, and leave the winter to you.
    Hugs to all, stay warm and dry and well - don't forget the Toby cookies on Monday. Charlotte xxx

    1. Yes, spring and summer - when they are good summers - are lovely. I don't mind winter on the whole, but I am feeling the cold so much more as I get older, so ask me in a few more years and I may well have totally changed my mind!
      I hope you are enjoying your stitching and watching. Sounds a lovely way to spend a day. Toby gets a little packed lunch - he is quite spoilt, in case you didn't know!
      Stay warm and safe and remember your mask! xxx