Thursday, November 12, 2020

Day 317 : Jollify


Day 317 : Jollify - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 317 : Jollify

Very odd today. Kinda funny-looking, but kinda neat too. Anyway, makes me smile. 

Late posting today as we've been working really hard - still sorting out kits for Monday's shows. Lots of thread lengths to sort, fabric to cut, and kits to pack. So I decided to carry on with what I was doing before I sit down at the computer to post this, as I knew I would then be sat down a little too long, haha!


  1. Makes me smile too! I love the slightly tipsy lean to the knot - very rakish! And the colours are so cheery - just what we need.
    Fell down a rabbit hole and came up with five -5- count them, five! French handbag, totes and a pocket sewing kit - simple recipes , all from the '50s, you just cannot take me anywhere!!!!! I haven't counted but there are a whole lot of bags in various stages of construction on my dining room table - do I need five more? Does a bear sleep in the woods? Of course I do - if nothing else just to pet the drawings for a while! I seem to be especially enamored with using a band of needlepoint or embroidery as a cuff top, with a fatter bag piece sewn on below - I'll find the darned camera because it is easier to show than tell.
    Happy prepping - and don't forget a really nice snack for between shows on Monday. Charlotte xxx

  2. Ah! Another "If I sit down I won't get up" day! Hope you are not too worn out - just a bit frazzled around the edges. C xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte! Yes, just frazzled. We'll get there in the end. I want to spend more time on my samples, but some may end up being a bit rushed. I think I get what you are describing. Bags are a lovely thing to make - I used to make them to try out different techniques. Had an idea once of doing bridal bags but didn't want to part with anything hahaha! 50s patterns sound lovely though, I bet they are quite elegant.
      I hope you are both keeping well and have a very nice weekend. And stay warm! xxx