Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Day 316 : '73


Day 316 : '73 - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 316 : '73

Today's button is inspired by some vintage buttons in my collection. It's quite close, but not the same - and certainly not in colours - the originals are black with a bit of colour. I suspect the originals are pre WWII, judging from the card they are on.

This one though, made me think of the 1970s. The colours? the circle? I don't know, but it makes me happy either way. I can see this on a cushion on a draylon sofa!

Hope you are all keeping well xx


  1. Four graduated rings? Quite like the slightly ruffled effect on the bottom where the soutache overlaps itself. Very sharp and VERY full of potential.
    It is so nice that you and Yoko and Helene and Sabina and all are willing to take the time and effort to do pictures and share - I know one must to build and maintain a customer base but you ladies go above and beyond. Speaking of which, how is the not-at-the-studio practise coming? Well, I hope. This may test everyone's ingenuiuty.
    I don't blame Toby - I hate getting my ears wet in the rain too. Maybe he should have a special rainhat? No, he would just shred it and go back to his corner! And besides it would be so fiddly to sew the ear covers on in just the right place - I'm sure he would never stand still for a fitting. But I now have a mental image of him in a rain hat beetling down the path;).
    There is a spate of home repair and roof replacement going on in our area - lots of knocking and thumping all around. Don says we are due for a roof and windows and some serious work inside - I'm dreading it because it means moving stuff! We'll see what happens.
    Warm, dry, masked, washed, distanced, and happy - my wish for you all today. We will work on the same. Charlotte in California xxx

  2. Broke down and checked at CNN -the news from Pfizer seems good but I have a strong feeling they are going to be rolling carts through the streets in a lot of places, calling "Bring out your dead." Poor souls. I think I'll go give Don a hug. C xxx

  3. I really hope you have managed to stop drafts in your house - it is 1:38pm here and there is a draft straight from Antarctica blowing across my ankles! How many pairs of socks can one put on? C xx

    1. We are going to go to the studio - into our own set for the shows, and back to the car in between. They are really good there, and certainly the interaction makes for a better show if it can be done. So, my not-at-the-studio practice just isn't doing well, haha!
      I think the thing is we all like making buttons a little too much to not share pictures! :)
      I worry about the proper testing period happening, I have to say. Vaccines should be well tested. One news report said a person needs a half hour recovery period from having the jab. Recovery from what? Hmm. Hugs all round.
      Have noticed a lot of work being done on homes in the local village. I think it is because no one could spend their holiday money. Over here it is a big thing to have a holiday - usually abroad - so people save all year for it. New doors, new roofs, even some extensions.
      Socks - heck - I have rediscovered leg warmers! I could wear them everyday. My ankles hate the cold, probably why I love boots so much. Get some - it will make you and your ankles very very happy!
      Take care, be safe and stay warm xxx