Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Day 315 : Tied


Day 315 : Tied - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 315 : Tied

Here is the perfect example of simple being so effective. I almost feel like apologising because this really is such an obvious button, although I am fairly certain I have never actually used full soutache on our bow shaped moulds before... 

But seriously, can't you just imagine these on the back of a little black dress? Maybe in Schiaparelli pink!


  1. Perfect use of this mold! And it would indeed be smashing in pink - good on you, girl!
    Wind not strong enough to actually take down cobwebs -I've spent a long time encouraging
    those spiders.
    Very strange to move from a two person pharmacy in a walk in closet space to a huge chain store with six white coats and a dozen scurrying helpers - but they do seem to want to make the whole thing work for the customer, so we will see how it goes. I'm not too sure about our healthcare people though - they got bought out by a big group and there seems to be a bit of left hand and right hand not in communication. Luckily we do have good relations with the most important doctors and they help.
    Poor little Toby - he probably gives you sad looks while crossing his legs at the unit. Wish we could tell him why the walks are curtailed.
    Did you see the lovely things Yoko is sending for exhibition? Trays full of the most subtle, elegant buttons - I know she spends time every day and it shows. I looked again at her book - that two page spread of one button with all those subtle changes - makes my fingers itch! I can't figure out how to say well done to her but if you do, please send California applause along. Thanks.
    Food time - fruit and yoghurt and granola sounds good to me so I will go and make it so. Masks, sanitized hands, walks at home, warmth and hugs to all. Charlotte xxx

    1. I know! Yoko's bottle cap buttons are simple unbelievable. So very beautiful and precise. I am quite envious of her work, I have to admit. I will certainly pass on your good wishes!
      It is odd visiting our doctor's surgery for the meds pick up too. Lines and spaces and locked doors into the doctor. You must have an appointment and be checked before entering that part. And not signing for items. That is a very odd feeling! Ah, we will get there in the end.
      So long as it is raining, Toby is never too fed up. He hates the rain. haha!
      Stay safe well and warm, both of you! xxx