Monday, November 9, 2020

Day 314 : Coil


Day 314 : Coil - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 314 : Coil

This button is inspired by a vintage button in my collection. This isn't made in the same way, or even with the same materials, but the resemblance is there. I quite like this, because it could be for a bride's cape as it is now, all white and shiny, but then I imagined it worked with linen or even hemp - and wouldn't that look cool on a striped beach bag?

I hope everyone is doing ok. There isn't a lot of evidence of lockdown near us I'm afraid. We go into work to pack orders and then scurry away (for instance we won't walk Toby when at work as it isn't our local area) and yet traffic is just as bad, the post office had queues, and there seem to be people everywhere. And cases in our area are steadily on the increase. IDK.

Anyway, stay well everyone!


  1. I am so very sorry that people are being so completely stupid about living safely - I guess they won't do what they need to until enough of them are ill to make a real difference and then it is too late! Idiots! And that puts all the sensible people at greater risk - ack - preaching to the choir - I'm holding good thoughts and masking and washing.
    It is still chilly and windy - I can see the cobwebs wivering in the drafts with my glasses off - just the movement. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to trail a dust rag around but by the time I get to the cupboard I have gotten sidetracked. The bad thing about being retired and not being an organized person is that you just sort of drift through
    the days and weeks and then months and lockdown has made it worse. Not that I mind drifting, mind you. It is peaceful and calm and I am lucky enough to have a person in here with me. Quite fun, actually - no meetings to plan for, no appointments until mid January - but we do have to go out to the pharmacy today for refills, so I do have to get a bit tidy.
    Your bride's button is indeed lovely and I hope you write out the recipe because I want to make one in linen cord for a bag closure.
    Do stay warm and well and we will do the same. Hugs all around. Charlotte xxx

  2. I just remembered the floor furnace in the house I grew up in - centrally located and ideal for standing over a corner to heat up your flannel nightgown thoroughly before running upstairs to bed - hoping some warmth stayed with you. Probably just as good as your nice cozy vent! C in C :)

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed this one, it would look nice in linen. I hope your little jaunt went ok! Amazing isn't it? The places we haven't been this year - and honestly, we really are homebodies and even we are missing going somewhere, anywhere! I'm sure the wind has been sent to get rid of those cobwebs for you! ;)
      Stay well and warm, and masked! Yes, the choir here is listening! xxx