Sunday, November 8, 2020

Day 313 : Geode


Day 313 : Geode - One Button a day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 313 : Geode

I have quite a few pages of sketches of ideas for techniques for geode looking buttons. I'm quite fascinated by the paint pouring and resin techniques, so keep thinking of ways I can translate that with fibres. This is perhaps one of the easier methods really, and the glossy sheen of soutache does suit quite well. Who knows, this may also be the best method!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We have been packing sorting and cleaning. I'm pretty tired this evening, so I am going to keep this short! 

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  1. Hoorah for soutache!! These two buttons are just the tip of a wonderful iceberg - have fun! I am quite divided in my enthusiasm - the zwirnknopf type has some really fabulous mixed threads potential but the sewn agate slice may just nudge its' way to victory - there are so many good pictures of stone slices and so many good colours of soutache - yummy, yummy, yummy!
    Glad you have had some good working days - assembling kits can be tedious but it is very satisfying to see them all laid out ready to ship. And if one can manage to tidy away the components afterwards it is really satisfying. Well done, Team Silkworks!
    The temperature finally dropped below 70' (2nd longest run on record) and we had .11
    inches of rain!!!!!! (also a record event). Don finally turned on the furnace Friday night after shivering all day - usually I am the one huddled up in sweaters, socks, hats and blankets - nice to wake up warm. There was a bit of snow on the northbound pass - 3,500 ft - only an inch or two but it has put the Highway Patrol and the truckers on the alert. The wind came up in the night and we sound like a horror film with all the whistling and moaning sucking the heat out of the house. The gas bill will skyrocket but I won't fuss. Have a house and a furnace and the wherewithall to buy fuel - way ahead of many a poor soul. Does Toby Pup grow a thicker coat in the winter or does he get his own sweaters? I only know from cats, who don't really need winter fur here but always seemed to grow it (still finding clumps from Miss Spooky).
    Lady Grey tea and a couple of Hobnobs after a very swift turn around the block -heaven.
    Do stay well and warm and dry and have fun! Charlotte in California xxx

  2. ps: Can you imagine the reaction the first time a Briton walked on a Roman built floor with a hypocast? Warm floors! What a concept! The Romans went home and we forgot all about them. Were I to ever build a house I'd have warm floors. Hope Monday was spiffy. C xx

    1. Ooh, I feel for you! Yes, I'm certainly a layer sort of person (my inner temperature fluctuates all of the time, lol!) - now I get to tell you to stay warm for at least a few days! Yes, Toby does get a slightly thicker coat, but not enough. He's an under-a-blanket/too-close-to-a-fire sort of dog, so he also has a sweater for work. He hates it but loves it. :) We had underfloor heating in one of our houses as a kid. I don't remember the floors being warm, but there was a vent that was lovely to sit by!
      The packing jobs continue, different tables with different kits in progress.
      I'm glad you like this one. I agree, there is such a lot of potential looking at stones for colouring.
      Stay well - and warm!! xxx