Thursday, November 5, 2020

Day 310 - Shades

Day 310 - Shades - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 310 - Shades

A little different today, I've used one of our new stamps (released on the 16th) and instead of embroidering decided to just use pencil shading on the fabric. Back to (my) basics, that's for sure. I have added a stitched border though. The photograph is a little lighter than the shading actually is, funny how difficult pencil work is to photograph even when it is on fabric! 

Wherever you are, I hope a flower cheers your otherwise grey day!



  1. It is a good thing I did not have a mouthful of coffee when I got to your last paragraph yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fell on the floor laughing, Don fell on the floor laughing, we both fell over laughing some more - I am not kidding when I tell you that talking to you every other day or so is my one and only foray into computer communications - I don't and can't do anything else. This is just simple enough that I can get my head around what to do - a blog would kill me! I don't even send my own button club messages though Don probably wishes I would sometimes. My writing gets messy when I hurry. And for sure I am not able to put up pictures, etc.,etc. But thank you for the kind thought. Getting this far is a real triumph for me. I used to get distressed when Don set me up to write a daily note from England and I lost the cursor over the edge. I can at least squiggle around until it shows up again. One difficulty is that our teaching and learning styles don't mesh - makes some things very very tricky. No more bleating! We will just take what we can get.
    This coloured pencil on fabric - do you heat set or anything or is it just for show not blow? Seems to me it would be a good method to emphasis embroidery that was a little duff or beef up a singleton type. In fact I just ran across a few bits of dress fabric that have cute little figures - not sure they are worth embroidering but a dab of pencil might be perfect. I will find the camera and use it and get Don to put up pictures - I will!!
    No red fabric - I will have to stop looking for it completely and try to forget about it - that always coaxes the stuff out from under it's hiding place. I did find other bits and bobs that will be of use in the assemble and complete bings that I am on. I'm quite pleased that I've only had to go out once to get some seam binding, a red cloth tote bag and more extra heavy duty Vilene. I think a big part of the fun is only using what is here in the house. You are right about remembering where stuff was three reorganizing attempts back - it is a surprise to remember moving it to a "better" place.
    Got a bit long winded today - must have been that decent amount of sleep! Must get dressed and scrag the person blowing a car horn outside - I think it is a child but around here it could be an adult! Stay warm and dry and well. Do the thumb exercise and wear the brace. C in C xxx

    1. I used an ordinary pencil for this - so definitely a show only piece. Although I bet you could set it with hairspray - that's what we used to do in school with pencil work, lol.
      I like the Inktense pencils on fabric - they can be heat set and the colours are lovely and vibrant. There are some really stunning examples out there of work on silk scarves and so on.
      Well, at least I gave you both a good laugh! :) Think we all need that a bit at the moment. Are the recent fires close?
      Using only what you have in hand is good practice. I try to remember that and then decide I really need a different colour all together... back to the how many lifetimes can we create in? Although I am still thinking I need to come back as a very lazy and spoilt cat.
      Thank you for the extra on the PS - he does, rest assured. Silly physician though! Hope the horn got stopped easily. Take care, keep warm - get that flannel sorted ;) xxx