Friday, November 6, 2020

Day 311 : Duchess


Day 311 : Duchess - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 311 : Duchess

This one did not want to behave at all. I really had to fight with it and although I like how it turned out, it isn't quite what was in my head. 
And how many times have I said that this year? :) Good job I have a challenge to maintain, otherwise I might have thrown it out. 

I hope lockdown isn't too troublesome for you all. I must admit, there were enough people about when we did our post run with orders that it didn't feel like lockdown... 

Stay safe all, and have a good weekend. 


  1. High Edwardian, middle aged but still together, very very wealthy, cabochon emeralds and saphires set in filigree gold, blue and green shot silk - heavy - these buttons gathering up chenille fringes and shiny silk cords, with pinked and double pleated swags - so over the top but she sure would be the belle of the ball! His Royal Highness would just fly across the room!!
    Glad M. keeps an eye on things but I guess he's gotten good at it by now. Still can not believe the b in l was that stupid. Sister in law is still wrothy with him.
    Coming back as a cherished cat would be a good thing - we could have tuna water and whipped cream every day and lots of petting and no fleas! Sign me up!
    The current fires are 30 to 40 miles away - not far in driving terms but several ridges and a whole lot of stuff in between. The wind has been mostly off the ocean, blowing east towards the fires and keeping the smoke levels down to a dull roar. We did drive out to one threatened area called Modjeska Canyon three years ago - very over the river and through the woods and winding east into a lovely area where the great Polish actress lived. You can tour her house and learn a bit about her - interesting in a lot of ways. Both fires seem to be contained and the highways through the areas are open, but all the fire agencies are warning us not to get relaxed - it is still very warm and very, very dry throughout the West and we are not done yet. We can, of course, have a really good fire much closer to home but it is so built up and suburban and virtually all the original wood shake roofs are gone that I think it would be a whole different thing - just as dangerous and scary, but not the same. I used to sit on the front porch with the hose running on the Fourth of July - yes, they do allow fireworks in my town! And we have a huge pine tree in the front yard (Don salvaged a scrawny Christmas tree) that would go up like crazy - almost as good as untrimmed palm trees.
    I think I'll try my Prismacolors on something tonight - will let you know how it goes. They are treasures from my grandmother, hoarded and petted.
    Still haven't found the red fabric but it is here someplace!
    Stay warm and dry and well. Have a fun Sunday - popcorn and a movie or some such. Hugs to all. Charlotte in California xxx

    1. Yeah, I never understood the whole fireworks in hot dry places thing. Because people can't be trusted to behave. Over here this week has been really awful - 1st day of lockdown was Bonfire Night. So, all organised fireworks off, and apparently people took to letting off far too many in backyards - pets across the nation have been scared terribly. We are far enough away that Toby barks when they go off, but he also barks when they try to shoot pheasant too. Thankfully he isn't actually frightened - just angry! I'm sure you'll be very glad when the 'season' is over and you can worry less.
      Well done Don saving the pine tree! Mark's particularly pleased with a supermarket growing parsley that he's managed to keep alive and well for about 3 years! Me, I think I have a grey thumb, stuff just dies in my care.
      Hope the prismacolors experiment went well!
      Have a great Sunday too! Stay safe and well both of you xxx