Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Day 309 : Current


Day 309 : Current - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 309 : Current

A very simple doodle button today. Started a beaded button that totally did not work - the beads have been reclaimed! - so I decided to go back to basics. However, I am quite pleased with this, for all its simplicity. The lines made me think of electrical currents somehow, hence the name.

Onwards and upwards!

Stay safe everyone. 


  1. The beady extraveganza will come together next time. And this is a very handsome button - I like the clean sweeps of colour across the solid ground.
    Absolutely love the Yorkshire yesterday - longed to be able to pet it! There is something about the texture of leather strips that makes my fingers itch to handle the item. Have you ever seen the leather bridles and harness trims made by the artists on the Hungarian Great Plain? Talk about tactile! If I ever go back I'm going to buy something just to have it to pet! And western horse tack - the braid, woven stuff - looks like Turks Heads gone mad. Thank you, Mark, for suggesting trying the faux leather.
    I am assembling the parts for a small quilt - the redwork that I've used the sashing fabric to make the buttons - and I've come up short six pieces! Can I find the stack of red fabrics? NO!!!! I really, really hate it when stuff knows I am looking for it and it climbs behind something I don't need! Great camoflage. That's OK - I am very persistent.
    Just had hunger fall upon me - time to fix food! Stay dry and warm and well, and hugs all around. Charlotte xxx

    1. Oh I hope that by the time your read this you will have found your fabric. That is so annoying - and something that happens to me on a regular basis it seems. It is always worse when I try to organise myself - my head remembers where something was three organisations before!
      Yes, I know what you mean about the horse tack. I've been trying to find something that would mimic the way that leather can be burnished for button kits - to no avail alas. In order to do that, the leather has to be vegetable treated, no modern chemicals. It works a real treat, but certainly not cost effective for kits. Ah well. Eventually I will come up with something!
      And so, your blog! So that I can see the finished projects and comment to you!
      Stay well and safe, and hydrated! xxx