Friday, October 23, 2020

Day 297 : Audrey


Day 297 : Audrey - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 297 : Audrey

Yes, you guessed it! I really quite like this. I can see it on an A-line swing coat. Bit of a pain to put together, but worth it.

So, tomorrow is my last day with my Viking fosterlings, and I haven't yet put a picture up! That's not good. Meet Eric & Ragnar:

Gosh, I'm going to miss them!

And especially for CinC -

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Have a lovely weekend all!

Size: 25mm / 1" / 40L


  1. Oh you lovely girl! Tres chic bouton and a kitten fix and that glorious nut cap!!!!!! I am tickled pink -thank you!
    Audrey looks like two stackers wrapped individually, then the elegant bow ties it together - yup - fiddly but well worth it. One could spend a long time with this design and a broad range of colours. Hot pink and orange or sea green in two tints - you could really have fun playing. The recipe will be in the next (more or less)kit or book, yes? The great soutache extravaganza! There will be riots in the trimming aisles! Yeah!!!!
    The little guys are just as cute as I thought they were - isn't it amazing that they can clean all those toes and not get slashed up by the claws? Poor old Toby pup will be very glad to get his whole house and his person back. Keep an eye on him for worms - they are sneaky things. I can just imagine him sniffing and snorfing all over the back rooms - all that cat smell and nothing to play with!
    Thank you for the acorn cap - you really did get a nice deep bowl shape. The fabric looks like a scrap of 1930s silk from a grandmother's dress, rather the sort of bits in my bits boxes. Now I know what to do with them - MAKE BUTTONS!!!!!
    Regards to all. Charlotte xxx

    1. You're welcome! Yes, the silk is a scrap - I was gifted a load of offcuts many years ago by a costumer, all lovely silk bits. Knowing I only need a small amount for buttons, I am lucky to get bits.
      The centre for Audrey is a weird gathered and coiled thing, it does go down into the outer - but not all of the way (shhh it was a bit too large) so the tops stand quite proud.
      Yes, a proper clean before he's able to go back there. They are sneaky. I think the kittens may well need a couple of month's doses. I am working on a soutache journal kit, but I am pretty certain not one of the designs is on the OBaD. A surprise! I should do a couture buttons book... It is outlined, just finding time.
      Have a lovey weekend - MAKE BUTTONS!! xx