Saturday, September 5, 2020

Day 249: Sticken im zwirnknopf


Day 249 : Sticken im zwirnknopf - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 249 : Sticken im zwirnknopf

Today's button has a general name, roughly translated as "embroidery in a thread button". The design is one that is taught by many German button making teachers - and in particular my dear friend Helene Weinold. Helene instigated the the whole One Button a Day - having worked the first challenge in 2015. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to follow suit in 2016. 

Helene very kindly gifted me her beautiful binder and handout sheets - originally intended for her workshop students. Of course, Covid has put a stop to this, so Helene is now able to sell these - if you are interested, please stop by her blog. I'll pop more info on my Facebook page tomorrow - poor light meant I wasn't able to photograph them very well. 

You'll find out more at

Yes, the sheets are in German, but there photos! :)

Size : 30mm / 1 3/16" / 48L


  1. Went and looked at Helene's offer - Don has some purchasing to do do tonight. I think all the Austrian button ladies have the most spectacular colour combinations, sharp and edgy and very inspiring and their pictures of buttons on the flowers or book or other spark objects are super. Even my non-button friends (who are all embroiderers or artists) love their stuff. Please don't be too impressed by the weaving notebook. It is a skinny thing with the course notes and a few drafts - didn't even keep any samples. Your card weaving video was more use than the notebook except for the drafts - need a few angels? Before I forget again - would it be possible to buy from the shop and have it shipped to our London residence hotel, assuming we make it over again? They know us well and would hold the package. Sure would save on postage and I would have something fun to do in the evenings. Spent last night ripping out counted chain stitch and putting it back in - twice! Irritating but essential since project assembly requires whipping said counted chains together. Have to turn the fan up a notch and get a cold drink - it is stinking hot this weekend. Stay well. Regards to all. C in C xx

    1. Oh how frustrating - I hate taking out stitching. I love whipped chain. You should keep a blog so that I can follow it! Yes, the Austrian ladies have really revived the craft so well - such wonderful bright and cheery colours! You won't be disappointed. With regards to sending to the hotel, it all depends on the payment processor. We usually are ok with an alternative address, but did once have a hotel address and it was refused. Hope you are managing to stay cool - and hydrated! xxx

  2. PS: silliest question of the day - how short do your leftover, end of week, rats nest threads have to be before you toss them? I kn ow -really really silly! The arm of my chair is slowly coming to light - hurray for me! xx

    1. Ah, well that depends. I am terribly tight, but if I am working on a kit I have to be quite generous in what I measure out - so then I throw the ends so that I don't get confused with the next one. But silks or something for me... well, the arm of my chair rarely sees the light. (fun fact : when we reupholstered my fav chair - I did find a few needles in the arm stuffing...)