Friday, September 4, 2020

Day 248 : Road to Nowhere


Day 248 : Road to Nowhere - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 248 : Road to Nowhere

And for today's button, I give you another ear-worm. Seeing as I haven't done that in quite a while :)
You're welcome... 

This button has been made using a length of inkle woven ribbon. I have simply folded the two ends in, and then folded it in half, then stitched up the sides with a decorative stitch. I added a thread loop at the back to act as a shank. The band itself was warped up using a multi-coloured thread - there was no working out which is why it isn't perfectly even. I just measured out the warp and kept the threads in order, and got that stripe down the middle. 

I have made a few buttons with woven trims this year. The thing is, woven trims do make perfect loops for buttons. So why not try to make buttons from the same? 

Have a lovely weekend all. Gardening, housework and paperwork for me. And I probably will get sidetracked and do something else entirely :)

Size (longest) : Size: 20mm / 3⁄4" / 30L


  1. I took down my weaving notebook to see what I'd been doing in off loom weaving all those years ago(1975) - odd feeling. I don't remember making anything but some card weaving - angels to cut up ino ornaments and a belt I never used. Wasn't thinking of bag handles then - have a gorgeous Guatamalan Ikat bag in purples that needs straps and another cherished bag with shreds to carry it - back to the salt mines! Have to locate some rectangular rings so the straps can be replaced when they shred again. The people living behind us have taught their Labrador to bark long and loud at all evilcats walking along the fences, which he does , also raccoons who will actually stop and stare at him, but they never did teach him to shut up so the poor thing wears a bark-limiter collar (Don wishes more people would do that - there are two or three dogs that bark non-stop day and night). Was looking at the Colorado State Button Society Facebook photo pages and they have pinned your buttons quite a few times - they look so nice. Stay warm and well, do the paperwork because the taxman cometh, scrimp the housework and have a fun weekend. Regards to M and T. C in C xx

    1. Well done you for keeping good notebooks! My early ones are very haphazard, and then when our cottage roof leaked about 10 years ago - into the little room that was our "library" so many books were damaged beyond help, including quite a few of those.
      So many dogs bark non stop are lonely. Like those horrid children who cause trouble because they want attention.
      You should be able to get some nice bag hardware on Etsy. Something perfect for your cherished bag. That's nice about the Button Society! I know that the Michigan State society has been sharing them .
      keep well both of you, enjoy your walks xx