Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day 245 : New Normal


Day 245 : New Normal - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 245 : New Normal

Perhaps a less ornate button today, but one that I've been working in my mind for ages. Really, I've not done as many topical buttons this year - back in 2016, I was creating buttons for all sorts of different events and "official" days. It has been a weird year really, let's face it, even the bank holiday yesterday came out of the blue. But I should do a few that will remind of the oddness of the year. I've used a cover button with my button machine and the ground fabric is one of my eco dyed pieces. Over this, a piece of blue cotton - madness pressing those pleats :) Even with my mini iron it was close! I've finished with a little buttonhole edge.

I just wish everyone in my local Co-op would follow the rules and wear a face covering...

Size 34mm / 1 3⁄8" / 52L


  1. Sorry to hear they are letting people into stores without a mask. Most of our local places seem to have added no mask-no service to the no shoes-no shirt-no service, but I have a feeling there are plenty of places that are very lax and Don tells me there are lots of people filming their "abridgement of civil rights" and ranting on social media - so wasteful of time and energy. Oh well, we will just do our own bit to stay well and keep safe and steer clear of the scoffers as much as we can. I really like the more relaxed, exploratory mood of this years' buttons - one can see you working things out and playing with the bits that surface in your boxes and I like the odds and ends of vintage button making stuff that shows up. Keep up the good work, no burning the fingers and stay well. C in C xx

    1. Oh thank you! Your comments always cheer me up :)
      I've got a book full of ideas that I want to try, but some will take much longer than I seem to have time for. I'll get there I am sure.
      Yes, the no mask thing and "my human rights" thing happens here too. It's such a little thing for the greater good. But we live in a very me, me, me society now it seems.
      Goodness knows how this lot would have managed with wartime rationing...

      Keep safe and well both of you xx