Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 233 : Way


Day 233 : Way - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 233 : Way

Today's button is really all about the colours. While looking for something else I found this lovely variegated thread in my stash. There's not much left - I've used it a lot over the years. So, I decided to do a very simple wrap, to show off the terrific colours.

Another long day today, finally had our evening meal at about 7.30. Still, we are on schedule for prep for our next Hochanda show next week. If I can find my inkle weave sample journal...

Size : 16mm (width) / just over 5⁄8" / 28L


  1. Lovely overdyed thread. I've had some that looks fabulous in the ball and yucky in use but this one works well - glad you've had fun with it. Was tidying up the n.8 perle box and I've got some Valdani that will work up well. Have to whack up some book board and have a go. Looking forward to the Hochanda gig next week - take lots of stuff and sell out again!!!! Keep forgetting to ask if Toby Pup comes along or stays home and pouts - no, he wouldn't pout - just shake his ducky toy to bits. Stay well. C in C xx

    1. I've had some threads like that too - ones that never quite work for anything at all. I'm sure I just haven't found it yet, that's all. Oh thanks! We are taking looms so won't be so fast paced this time! Toby does come along - he goes everywhere with Mark. There is a lovely river walk near the studios, they go and have wander (no animals in the studios of course).

      I hope the fires I've heard about on the news today aren't impacting you? xx

    2. The closest fires are north about 25 miles and one northeast about 60 or 70 miles. The near one is kind of in the National forest above Pasadena (the Rose Parade on January 1) but not at all close to much. The other one is called the Apple fire and it is so far east that there are several ridges and valleys between us and it, and it is all pretty much houses and shops and suburbs anyway - not real wildfire material. The big burns are far north and all we'll ever see is news footage. It feels as if it will be another bad year since so little has burned in the last few years- seems like a lot has gone but in terms of real square miles very little. I grew up in the San Bernardino National Forest (Apple fire at south west edge) and it is pretty hairraising at times. We grew up knowing to clear all brush and cut back trees but I think there are way to many people who only see the nice pine trees and don't know how to plan. Well, my dear, I could do another ten minutes on fire safety! But I won't bore you. So glad to know that the guys have a special place to walk while you are selling your heart out! Stay well and cool. CinC xx

    3. I'm so glad to hear they aren't close. But it is such a shame that people don't make the small changes needed to help to stop them. what's really disturbing is when you discover the number every year that are started deliberately. I mean, who does this? Why? It honestly makes no sense. 2020 is likely to continue to throw issues at we humans I think... xxx